Blueline Menace in Delhi

Blueline buses have killed many people in the recent months because of negligent and rash driving.

A recent Blue line mishap claimed the life of a teenager

A teenaged boy was on Sunday left seriously injured in a north-west Delhi locality after a speeding Blueline bus hit him near a bus stop, police said.
While the driver fled the scene after the mishap, the 16-year-old boy, yet to be identified, was rushed to a city hospital with head injuries where his condition is stated to be critical, they said. According to the police, the incident occurred at around 3.30 pm. The bus on route no 159, plying between Jahangirpuri to Shadipur, struck the teenager near a bus stop at Adarsh Nagar here. Source: TOI

How can this menace be stopped. The delhi govt started working on the High capacity Bus Service (HCBS) but still there dosen’t seem to be a permanent solution coming out from this. Recently the negligent work of the HCBS project claimed another life.

The insanely planned High Capacity Bus System project has caused a number of accidents. On early Tuesday morning, it claimed a life in its prime – that of a 25-year-old entrepreneur, Mayank Gulati. HCBS’s culpability in the death is apparent to the police. Mayank, according to them, came down from the Moolchand flyover on his bike only to hit an unmarked – and arbitrary – road divider which sent his bike hurtling. The cops have, therefore, registered a case of death due to negligence against the authorities responsible for the construction. They said the guilty would be arrested soon.
What’s amazing is that despite getting blood on their hands, there seems no remorse, much less course correction. When the family and friends of Mayank — who was killed around 2.30am near Defence Colony – were blocking traffic and lighting candles during the morning rush hour, the persons responsible for the project were getting ready to pass the buck, as always. The problem is that there is no one responsible for Delhi’s latest death trap. The “brain” behind HCBS, Dinesh Mohan of IIT, was unaware of the accident but was quick to wash his hands of all responsibility. “There are more than 2,000 deaths on Delhi roads round the year. Why don’t you probe the reasons behind each of them?” he snapped. “Even flyovers and Metro construction sites kill people. I agree that the way the construction is being carried out is not up to the mark.” The professor’s candour was touching but held out little hope. When asked why IIT, which has a key role in this project, wasn’t insisting on proper procedure and precautions, he said: “We are trying.”
If he and other authorities don’t try hard enough, many more tragedies could happen in this winter’s fog. Transport department officials were also ignorant about the death. Haroon Yusuf, minister of transport, said: “I have already told the consultant and the contractor to ensure proper lighting and signages on the HCBS stretch. I was not aware about this accident. Now that I have been told, I will ask DIMTS (Delhi Integrated Multi-modal Transit System) and RITES to give me an explanation. If there was indeed some negligence on their part, we will pursue all legal measures possible. Nobody should be spared.” Source: TOI

mayank gulati

What do you think should be done to solve the blueline bus problem?

What do you think should be done to solve the problem of mismanagement by delhi govt? 

Your views


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13 Responses to Blueline Menace in Delhi

  1. prateek joshi says:

    I think the govt has to stop blueline buses permanently and improve DTC bus service

  2. Govt is inefficient. HCBS is another money spinner. they have to step down

  3. taran kapoor says:

    DTC is ineffecient n Blueline is more competent for service. so u need a tougher regulation

  4. karan says:

    congress is just worthless govt. They took away the credit for metro which was a BJP initiative.

    First the govt should step down then Bluelines should be stopped.

    HCBS is also a futile project and very rightly a money spinner

    Metro is good enough with the shuttle service

  5. samit gupta says:

    Innocent people are dying cos of foolish lazy people holding he office, which is more an office of profit

  6. Ramdas Iyer says:

    I suggest strongly that the DTC be handed over to DMRC. Give enough funds to DMRC so that Metro becomes the primary transport system in Delhi. Ban Blueline and other chartered services and their foul mouthed and illiterate drivers and conducters. . Expand DMRC so as to touch every corner of Delhi. Every single home in Delhi should be within a five minute walking distance of a well maintained feeder service to the Delhi Metro or the Metro itself. Let Delhi Metro tie up with banks so that credit/debit cards can be used to buy integrated tickets for feeder services and Metro. HCBS also should be handed over to Delhi Metro. And for God’s sake do not put Delhi Metro under the Delhi Government. Let the Union Ministry for Surface Transport/Railways handle DMRC (providing this ministry isnt handled by DMK, RJD or such other sundry parties run by idiotic megalomaniacs). Ban new registration of cars and set up toll booths which collect heavy toll taxes from car drivers every 500 meters. Encourage car pooling. Make travelling alone by in a car punishable with a very heavy fine or even imprisonment so that people who use cars will be forced to offer lifts to people at a cost. Prevent parking on public places like roads by charging prohibitive fees for parking like a thousand rupees per hour.

  7. Sachin Sinha says:

    it’s high time… we must ban the bluelines…! we need an efficient and new transport system in the NCR!

  8. manish says:

    It is not all Bluelines mistake, I had seen the dead body of the man who was killed by a Blueline on 5th, of march. first of all we all have to think over the road safety. I’ve seen a lots of cars, motercycles and Autos being droven roughly. They do’nt even care to see who is driving beside them, and by taking an unexpected turn they force their coriders to take an immediate turn and so they get engazed in a problem. Police should start registering complaints against such drivers and should take an ummediate actions against them.

  9. Puneet Rajhans says:

    The sooner you phase out these blueline buses, the better it would be for Delhi commuters. One has lost count of the number of occasions when blueline staff break all norms. Not only the driver overspeeds, he changes lane at will and is abrasive and abusive. The conductor is rude to the extent possible. These devils need to be tamed, tamed and tamed. They have unleashed a jungle raj on city roads. What on earth prevents the commuters inside the bus to raise a voice. Perhaps their eagerness to reach the destination is too overwhelming to bother about any other thing. Or they are too scared to respond to situations. No amount of strict action can make them fall in line. No amount of cajoling/coercing can make them see logic. They need to be tamed with all possible measures one can think of in the course of traffic governance. At least six to nine months should be set aside when half of the fleet would be off the roads. Well, commuters even if they face hardships would in the normal course get used to it. As for the remaining fleet on the road, this action would be enough to make them curb their notoriety till the period they are not completely phased out. But they have to be phased out at any cost.
    These devils have snatched so many lives that authorities aren’t bothered to think about when one gets knocked down. Perhaps it is the offshoot of liberalization that human angle has taken a backseat. Perhaps we are tied to our daily dose of happenings that nothing can shake us even if the menace continues unabated.
    When so many public campaigns have been launched on so many issues, some even trivial by nature, why can’t a campaign be launched on such an issue where human life is at stake. For all those who don’t take public transport, spare a thought or two for all those who take this form of transport and face a constant threat of their life being cut short.

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  12. A MAN died after his motorcycle crashed into a divider being constructed as part of the High Capacity Bus Service (HCBS) on the dimly-lit Lala Lajpat Rai Marg in South Delhi early on Tuesday, police said.
    This is the third death on the under-construction HCBS stretch in a little over two months. Poor street lighting and lack of signage are responsible for most accidents. Those apart, minor accidents are reported regularly on this stretch.
    Mayank’s Gulati’s head was smashed against the divider as his helmet fell off, police said. The divider is meant to separate the proposed carriageways for buses and other vehicles as part of the HCBS network. (WE NEED YOUR HELP & SUPPORT VERY SOON) WE ARE GOING TO CHALLENGE THE GOVERNMENT ASAP. (WE WANT JUSTICE) NOTHING ELSE.

  13. SOHAIL KHAN says:



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