Nuclear Deal: Boon or Bane

Nuclear deal has currently been the center of attention. The non-allegiance of the left has put the deal in doldrums. Some top scientists of the country say that it will prevent India from developing nuclear technology for weapons and for other purposes in future. I have compared the pros and cons of the deal.


India is a developing economy and to maintain its current growth it needs power to run its industries. In a country like Germany 60% of the power comes from nuclear power plants. To grow into a super power we need power


India is an agro nation. Hence we need to focus on our strengths and develop our agricultural practices.

This deal will effect our sovereignity in future

Indian nuclear power plants are based on a different technology than the technology united states is offering us( heavy water)

The possibilty of sabotage cannot be neglected and in a densely populated nation the consequences would be un-imaginable (remember Bhopal Gas tragedy)

My point of view

I am against the deal as I feel we Indians can build better technology than the americans. We have a lot of potential and if channelised properly we can win the world with peace and harmony

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8 Responses to Nuclear Deal: Boon or Bane

  1. taran kapoor says:

    India should go ahead with it. It is necessary if we need to be a super power

  2. Saloni Khaitan says:

    as Indira Gandhi rightly said a Nation’s power is in what it has and not on what it borrows!!i agree with u and feel we should grow our economy in our ways.

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  5. MP says:

    should go aheaD WITH THE DEAL

  6. Soumik Ghosh says:

    Its the time to cheer our nation’s development, rather than having an EGO attitude…

  7. its true that india needs to shine up now..but it is not at all necessary to go up hand in hand wid other nations…india has the power to build up its own techniques but the only problem is an effort that is for instance im sitting here and writing up comments rather than thinking up for an idiea to boost up my country economy…1thats only because we harldy go for making us in tedious work…nothing impossible frnds….india can still shine up wid only our own efforts…

  8. Anonymous says:

    Do you realize the risks of installing nuclear power?
    It’s harmful to the environment.
    The installation costs are extremely high.
    Massive risks to nearby population.
    No guaranteed safety and safe usage by nuclear power nations.
    Problem of waste in unresolved.
    And there are a numerous amount of points I can come up with regarding this.

    I think, india shouldn’t get these nuclear power plants.
    And, build power in other ways.
    There are better alternatives than putting your life at risk.

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