Your opinion on Nandigram dispute

Nadigram dispute has shown that how the political parties in India mis-use their power for their vested interests and do not look into the needs of the common man and as a result the inocent common man suffers. This has also happened in the past. Human life does not have any value in this country and more innocent people will keep on dying.

What are your opinions on this issue?

How do you think it should be tackeled?

Is the govt right?

If the govt is wrong should they be punished and if yes how?

Common India speak up!


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6 Responses to Your opinion on Nandigram dispute

  1. taran kapoor says:

    CPM is just a sick party. they have 2 step down. they should be banned

  2. samit gupta says:

    Nandigram has shown the dark side of India to the world

  3. Rohit says:

    Another vietnam

  4. farhan says:

    Indian land should not be given to foreigners to set up chemical plants that to of 140km2 area. The environment in India is deteriorating and hence it should be used judiciously.

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  6. Nitin says:

    Mamata Banerjee knows only politics. She will be washed out in coming election. Atleast 99.99% vote will go against her.

    If West Bengal wants Industralization, (0.9% left) also will also go against her.

    Now they are doing road shows to explain people that they are not against it, but of no use. People are not so Fool.

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