“DTC be handed over to DMRC”

By Mr Ramdas Iyer

Mr Ramdas Iyer shared his thoughts on the blueline menace and I found his solution very comprehensive and feasible. what are your opinions.

Here is what he had to say

I suggest strongly that the DTC be handed over to DMRC. Give enough funds to DMRC so that Metro becomes the primary transport system in Delhi. Ban Blueline and other chartered services and their foul mouthed and illiterate drivers and conducters. . Expand DMRC so as to touch every corner of Delhi. Every single home in Delhi should be within a five minute walking distance of a well maintained feeder service to the Delhi Metro or the Metro itself. Let Delhi Metro tie up with banks so that credit/debit cards can be used to buy integrated tickets for feeder services and Metro. HCBS also should be handed over to Delhi Metro. And for God’s sake do not put Delhi Metro under the Delhi Government. Let the Union Ministry for Surface Transport/Railways handle DMRC (providing this ministry isnt handled by DMK, RJD or such other sundry parties run by idiotic megalomaniacs). Ban new registration of cars and set up toll booths which collect heavy toll taxes from car drivers every 500 meters. Encourage car pooling. Make travelling alone by in a car punishable with a very heavy fine or even imprisonment so that people who use cars will be forced to offer lifts to people at a cost. Prevent parking on public places like roads by charging prohibitive fees for parking like a thousand rupees per hour.


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2 Responses to “DTC be handed over to DMRC”

  1. Ramdas Iyer says:

    Ramdas Iyer has given a very good suggestion. I think implementing Iyer’s suggestions will go a long way in making Delhi a habitable city

  2. sandeep says:

    Mr. Iyer ideas are great and after implementation could be used as a model for other metro cities also.

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