Aaja Nachle controversy

aaja nachle,madhuriIt was something that was totally unexpected and uncalled for. Madhuri’s much awaited comeback film, Aaja Nachle has run into problems big time, so much so that the whole of Uttar Pradesh is up in arms against this film and is in no mood to see it. At the helm of things is none other than the Chief Minister of UP Mayawati, who has called for a ban on the film, Aaja Nachle in Uttar Pradesh. The reason of the ban is being cited as certain caste-demeaning remarks in the title track of the film.

Mayawati also has written a letter to the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh demanding a countrywide ban on the film, saying it has hurt the sentiments of Dalits. The protestors also added that since certain words in the title song are derogatory to a particular Scheduled Caste community, the producers could run the film if they remove the “objectionable” song.

Here is hoping that the controversy settles down fast and the cine goers are not deprived of the ‘Dhak-Dhak’ girl’s comeback Jalwa!
Source :IndiaFm

My Take

Our so-called capable politicians are so engrossed in these silly things that they

find are more important(for Dalit vote bank) rather than concentrating on

some serious developmental

reformatory work. If a song says

“kahe mochi bhi khudko sunar” meaning that a cobbler

calls himself a goldsmith, does it really degrade a cobbler. No but it

degrades Dalits. I hope she does some reformatory work for Dalits cos this

won’t do any help. Just trying to get in the news. In India a cobbler is looked down upon just

because of our mentality.

Every work should be honoured and this work should be respected,

because there has to

be somebody to do this work. We all have been destined to do some

work and serve the society in some way or the other. This controversy just shows the

shallow, illiterate minds of this country’s power people. What are your opinions on this issue. Is Mayawati right?

If yes then why?

If no again why?

future PM {Huh}



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2 Responses to Aaja Nachle controversy

  1. Keka says:

    Mayawati is such a jack ass ….

    For her, there are other things to handle too …but she can;t help …’coz its after all the dirty politics shit …..

    The lines in the song are no where controversial and there is no need to hype saying that it hurts the feeling of Dalits.. Come on…. we are now entering into a new world of Globalization.

  2. Raj purohit says:

    Very rightly said…I totally agree with you

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