The true leader

He Is Arjun Dev Gandhi, a retired government servant residing in Masjid Moth I. But for hundreds of commuters going through the newly constructed subway in Masjid Moth everyday he is , `the Mahatma’.

Though not formally inaugurated, the subway is being used by the public for the last two months. But it is yet to be provided an electricity connection. As a result, going through the subway in the evening has become quite risky . With a liquor shop and a car bazaar coming up close to the entrance on the Masjid Moth II side, it has become all the more dangerous for commuters to cross the subway .

Women prefer to cross the busy road instead. Though a guard has been deputed and a room inside the subway has been constructed for him he prefers to sit outside.

One evening while crossing the sub way Gandhi realised how dangerous it , was for passersby and especially women to cross the subway And he de . cided to light candles there every evening to provide light. “On May 4, when I was going through the subway , it was pitch dark. I thought how unsafe it was. So I decided to light candles till electricity connections were installed by the PWD,” says Gandhi.

Initially he started lighting thick , candles, which would take at least 2-3 hours to burn out. But unfortunately , they were all stolen. So, he decided to light thin candles. Spending money from his own pocket, Gandhi goes there thrice in the evening to light eight candles each time. “I light the candles at 7, 8 and 9 p.m. Earlier I used to go at 10 p.m. also, but these days the subway closes by 10 p.m.,” he says.

For a long time even his neighbours and friends were unaware about Gandhi’s good work. Even till date, many think it is the PWD that is lighting candles as an alternative arrangement. “If I do something for others and publicise it, what is the point,” he says.

However, PWD Section Engineer Vijay Kumar says that the lights will soon be installed. “Because of reshuffling of the officials in the division, the project is getting delayed. But we are trying to provide electricity connection soon,” he says.

The old subway here was broken more than a year back and a new one was constructed.

Dangerous crossing The subway is being used by the public for the last two months. But it is yet to be provided an electricity connection. With a liquor shop and a car bazaar coming up close to the Masjid Moth II side it has become all the more dangerous for commuters to cross.

We need people like Arjun dev Gandhi to run the country not Modi and Sonia who just know how to blame each other to come to power. If they work properly and genuinely for the welfare of the people, there wouldn’t be a situation where they would come down to such low level to campaign for the elections. They should do their work and let their work speak for itself.

source:HindustanTimes, compiled by sucheta das mohapatra


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4 Responses to The true leader

  1. Hello,
    It is just to tell you that be careful while picking up a story from a newspaper. Its fine if you cannot name the repoter who takes all apin for the story. Its his/her job. But please for heaven’s sake dont attribute the story to another newspaper which ahs nothing to do with the story. You have picked the story from HT South Delhi Live and have attributed it to TOI. Pls avoid doing taht it may put you and ur website into trouble. leran to respcet others effprts nad you will be respecte too.
    For ur information it was my story.

    Reply to Sucheta

    Hi Sucheta,

    I am the administrator of Speak India Blog and I read your comment on the The true leader.
    Firstly I would like to apologize for the mistake and I will correct it as soon as possible.I had no intention of hurting or disrespecting anybody or his/her content. The speak India blog has been created in a good and positive spirit.If you want I will remove the article from the blog, but I certainly would like to keep it, giving you full credit for your fabulous work.Let me know your response.
    If you want to keep the blog post, fill up this form

  2. baskar says:

    I found another version of this story by Rakesh Malik in “Sunday Times” print edition page 11.

    I think if you had given the link, this misattribution might not have happened.


  3. baskar says:

    Sorry. I left out the date. It is 25.1.2009.

  4. baskar says:

    In a way, you have given the story prominence.

    I wanted to blog the story after reading it in Times of India, but I am not able to find it. Neither is it possible to find it in Hindustan Times. May be if I tried hard, it will come up, but I don’t know how to.

    As it is, I will have to link the story here.


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