Communist Horror: The true story of CPI(M)

The communists are destroying this nation. We all saw the horror at Nandigram. The point I am trying to make here is that if so many people where not interested why did you go and kill them, when it is their land, their house.

The answer is because your vested interests are involved (Money)

They say they will take us forward. Its only they who are going to move forward by selling India to foreigners. The same what we did and brought the britishers to our country. The result was 300 years of slavery. its time we speak up. Where ever you are spread this word against the communists, don’t support them. Else like poor peasants of Nandigram you too (may god forbid) might end up in a similar manner. Do you want any of your loved one to have a similar fate, or even anybody to have such a fate. The answer is no. its time we raise our voice. We want justice. The communists are responsible for the 100s of people killed in Nandigram. They are accountable. They should be punished.

Here are some of the horror, but true facts about the CPI(M)

Nandigram killings


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