Tare Zameen Par: Review

Tare Zameen Par was a very touching and wonderful movie. Very Tare Zameen Parseldom do we see such beautiful stories. Darsheel Safary really touched my heart. A wonderful talented young boy who I believe will definitely go a long way.Amir Khan really did a good job and I can watch this movie over and over but not without crying. It’s really worth watching!

A viewer

Speak India Predictions

Its going to be a HIT, but not a super-duper one like OSO. It’ll catch later


The movie has not been marketed well, although Amir tried his best. He is a good artist, but it is better to hire a professional team. Shahrukh Khan is born marketer it seems.



What are your opinions on this movie ?


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14 Responses to Tare Zameen Par: Review

  1. Vikram Deodhar says:

    A very common aspect of a middle class family which was not taken up by any film maker so far which this team spotted and handled it excellently. Its an eye opener for quite a few parents. Overall 4.5/5

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  3. Reena says:

    I liked the movie.Its an eye opener for parents.Good work done by Aamir.

  4. joobi says:

    Something other Directors in Bollywood should know that Indian audience is comelled to see masala films bcoz we dont have a choice. Movies like TZP is an eyeopener, pure quality made with lot of sense and a message to take back.

  5. Anon says:

    To be honest, I have almost never written a review for a move! But this make me go out take the effort to write one, It is THE best movie I have seen. I am a part-time social worker, so this movie touches me more! I used to write b as d, and vice versa. In the character of the father, I see my own father. Believe me it causes more pain than one can ever imagine!

    If someone has not seen this movie, I would personally recommend them to see the movie. I have saving this movie for ever in my heart. I hope this movie gets nominated for Oscars, it truly deserves it by all means! Previous movies by Aamir Khan do not compare one bit to this! Truly this is THE best movie I have seen, I cannot repeat it again! I really hope all of the world does not miss it. It has one of the most strongest messages that I have seen in Indian movies.

    I see myself in this movie! I think that teachers in India should pay more attention to their students at an early age and show them a way instead of put pressure on them and push them to a corner in the rat-race of life! It is a pity that I had to go through that I hope this movie convinces that both parents and teachers and more so the society pays attention to small children to avoid such mishaps! I does cause a large impact to a child and his future.

  6. zoeb says:

    TZP is Execellent movie and full with super performance of amir khan it is mind blowing. i request to every parents please watch this moive one time. super duper year amir what a movie.

  7. Pranav Garg says:

    “India is Shining”, however I wondered why is bollywood not shining! But this movie has done all of us Indians proud in another field. Now we can say that India has produced probably the best movie of all time across the world!!

  8. jAGAJEEVAN says:


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  10. ravi says:

    wow…itz really such a fantastic movie….n itz one of the greatest movie i have ever seen…The first thing which make Amir apart from the bolly crowd is the subject chosen by him…and it seems that he really works hard on the subject he goes for….Tis movie i find far great than his Lagaan….Lagaan was also so different with its subject….and what more amzing about TZP is that–I never liked Amir..not even after his great LAGAAN…but this movie made me really feel that i was wrong…..not even now I cnsider him a good actor or film maker…but I call him an ARTIST….A REAL ARTIST…he is simply great with the subjects and treatments.

  11. ali says:

    fabulous , a high moral movie for this 2k8 .. amir hit the nail and really nailed the movie with his perfection in ideology, cast, script etc.. he is indeed a perfectionist ! damn and awesome !

  12. vijay suthar says:

    darsil’s parformans is suparb good wark by aamir best of luck for darsil his next movie’s iam from kutch gujarat

  13. Pam says:

    my self and my son had visited this movie and my sons coments while the movie was going on was that this is my story and now he is persuing commercial Arts degree.

    he is is fentastic artist and would like to meet aamir khan.

    the movie is excellent and hats off. i can understand the agony the child and parents go to understand what his child is and one has to accept the reality and do not have to bother about the society where he lives.

    they are very loving children and take challanges. my son is working very hard to take up the challange to face the world.

    is government trying to help for dislaxic childrens in Jobs quotas

    please reply

    pramod shastry

  14. To pramod

    It is heartening to see your son do well and I wish him all the best for his future endeavors.

    @job quota

    As of now I haven’t heard of it. If i get to know, I’ll post it on this blog. If you get to know about it, plz let me know, so that I can tell about it through my blog.

    Moreover, I would like you to share you story, so that it becomes an inspiration for others.


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