Top 5 professions of 2007

#(1) Music reality TV

Music reality TV became the best profession in 2007 offering instant fame to the talented singers, the not so talented singers, anchors and the judges, giving them a platform to pursue a profession in which success is hard to come. Not to forget the moolahs earned by the TV channel by promoting almost every movie and the mobile service providers (SMeSSes… The actual mess)

The winners in music reality TV are

1. Saregamapa
2. Indian Idol
3. Star voice of India
4. Mission Ustad
5. Bathroom singer

#(2) Sadhus/Astrologers/Yoga guru on News channels

The most viewed and believed people on the television are the sadhu babas who give their advices to the people who have time to listen. They actuate people to think positively and give other pravachan and not to mention the dakshina(donations)

#(3) News Anchors

Plenty of news channels have popped up creating ample opportunities for journalists and news anchors. Don’t forget the BREAKING NEWS and the CRIME reporting program where the anchor, I suppose looks like the actual criminal(no offenses, just kidding)

 #(4) Comedians/actors (daily soaps)

The number of channels offering family and wholesome entertainment have quadrupled in the last few years. With these channels, the number of serials have also increased and hence creating opportunities for the big screen, not so lucky dreamers to showcase their talent and earn a good sum of money. Apart from them we also have the behind the screen people who have also got a chance to work in the creative field.

The breath of fresh air : The reality show : “Great Indian laughter challenge” was a breath of air, giving us viewers a relief from the emotion packed family sagas. Although this entertainment was not always family oriented and crossed the line between decent(slap stick) and vulgar. Not to mention the agony of those who were the victims of their gig.

#(5) Software oriented

Finally at the bottom of top 5 is a not so high paying glamorous field but we have a field that has given handsome salary and a good status to many Indians.


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