We should not interfere in Pakistans’ internal affairs

Benazir Bhuttos’ assassination was a sad incident. She was ray of hope, a sun that would have shined over a successful peoples’ Pakistan. Now that the sun has burned out because of reprobative fundamentalists, the story is over. Its time to look into future. It seems the media in India have made themselves as detectives, chiefly responsible for finding the culprit. They keep on playing the video clip of a person firing or they show the pictures of the heads of the people who blew themselves up and executed the crime. But the interference is becoming too much it seems and is going to invite trouble only. The fundamentalists are crazy people with ideas and people to addle any nation, its culture and people.

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2 Responses to We should not interfere in Pakistans’ internal affairs

  1. aniche says:

    The media have been acting like self proclaimed detectives for long. Especially Times Now,they are fuckin douchebags

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