What to do on 31st December 2007

What to do on 31st December 2007 becomes the most important question in the last week of 2007. The answers are many. But I decided to rate these answers starting from the worst answers i.e. the least important answer to the best answer(what I think should be done)

# The decision of “Where to party” (i.e. with friends) [Worst question]

# “Which BABA/Astrologer is the best adviser. “ [remember you are your own best adviser, Babas’ can tell you what is going to happen, but cannot change your destiny. You can change your own destiny]

# “Which program/movie to watch on Television” [Stop being such a couch potato and for gods’ sake, switch off that idiot box]

# Plan your 2008. Take the blessings of your relatives and pray for a happier tomorrow. Bring more love in your life and throw out anger. Try to help others, the needy and have fun. My idea of spending the 31st December 2007 is to spend with family. So have fun. Chao!!! [Thats the right choice… Aha…]


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