Nandigram Compensation – “burning the wet wounds”

Nandigram roseThe Singur and Nandigram incidents over the issue of industrialisation, have not sent “a wrong message” to investors, West Bengal Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee said on Friday.

Though the state received negative publicity due to the violent protest by villagers at these two places, a wrong message was not sent, Bhattacharjee told the annual general meeting of Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industry here.

“There has been no withdrawal of proposed investments which were committed by the investors,” the chief minister said, adding “investment flows have not been affected.”

The year 2007 saw West Bengal receiving its highest investments in the last 15 years. Iron and steel attracted investments to the tune of Rs 90,000 crore, followed by chemicals and petrochemicals and food processing, he said.

West Bengal was a strong contender for setting up of a petrochemicals, chemicals and petroleum investment region (PCP&IR), The state government has already forwarded proposal to the Centre for locating the PCP&IR at Nayachar islands near Haldia.

On the infrastructure front, he said modernisation of Dum Dum airport would start in January 2008 and would be completed by 2010.


Speak India verdict

The investments have been to the tune of RS 90,000 crore. It doesn’t matter if they pay 1 crore in compensation. At least even if they get 1% of the investment as commission, it is enough for them to not work for the next 100 years. What is your thought on this.

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 source:Kolkata (PTI)


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