Pakistan govts’ flip flopping statements

Many are wondering why the Pakistan government continues to stick to its story that Benazir died after hitting her head against her car’s sunroof, but despite clear video evidence Islamabad is sticking to its guns.It has conceded though that the spokesman who explained how she allegedly died is an army man, who used language that he shouldn’t have.A day after a video was released showing how Bhutto was killed, the Pakistan government insists she was killed when she hit the car while ducking bullets.”She hit the sun lever and injured her skull that lead to her death,” said Brig Javed Cheema, Interior Ministry Spokesperson.

Brig Javed obviously hadn’t counted on the video footage being made public. So, on Tuesday the Pakistan government apologized and asked newspaper editors to ignore his statement.

Government’s flip-flop

However, then they followed by another statement that the government still believed the sunroof did it.

The Pakistan government’s flip-flop comes amidst reports that Benazir was on the verge of exposing ISI officers who were preparing to rig the elections in favour of pro-Musharraf parties.

Apart from that many see a design in the turnabout. The sunroof theory was put out to change the complexion of the event from an assassination to a tragic accident letting off the government whose security let an assassin walk up to Bhutto.

Effectively, this insures that five days later the investigation is still focused on how she died and not on who killed Benazir Bhutto and why.

Speak India verdict

What sort of a country is this. And how can we trust such people with whom we are trying to build friendlier relations. They might stab us on the back.

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Source: NDTV


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