Tata Sky: Poor quality of signal

I am Tata Sky user and while watching I observed a few things in the Tata Sky DTH service.

  1. The quality of signal gets very poor and its impossible to watch a program with a high TRP rating, especially in the peak hours.
  2. Only channels like star plus, Zee TV, Sony show this problem. Channels like MTV, Discovery or other news channels work perfectly andthe service is also very poor.
  3. And don’t forget, if it is cloudy or raining outside, it will never work (Thats an inbuilt problem in the DTH service).

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One Response to Tata Sky: Poor quality of signal

  1. Bhargava says:

    I guess you aligned your Dish Antenna in the wrong direction! I never had any problem with the signals. The signal test in my STB always shows above 80% both in terms of quality and strength! I have been using Tata Sky since its launch.

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