India-Australia controversy :Your opinion?

Border-Gavaskar Trophy [Australia won by 122 runs]
Australia Vs India,Sydney Cricket Ground,02-06 JAN 2008

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What happened in the test match was very sad but now a lot is at stake. The self respect of all Indians is at stake. A false allegation has been proved and the innocent person (Harbhajan) has been penalized. Apart from that, this shows that cricket is being played in wrong spirit. Only to win 16 test matches in the row, the Australian captain Ricky Ponting cheated.

What do you think should be done. Should the Australian captain Ricky Ponting be banned/penalized. What should be done to the umpires.


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12 Responses to India-Australia controversy :Your opinion?

  1. Thomas says:

    Ponting’s captiency is a real stupid thing, we have ever seen in the history of cricket. If he still continues as an international player, it will be a big shame to Australian team.

  2. Raj says:

    Ponting and his boys are ur typical white assholes who only give a shit about winning even when everyone else can see that they had to resort to multiple instances of cheating with abundant help from the umpires. Fuck you Ponting and Andrew Symonds – you are disgrace to the game – and fuck you Gilcrist and Michael Clarke for u have truly brought disgrace to the the great game of Cricket. Enjoy ur win by shoving a Cricket bat ur ass!

  3. Poonam says:

    Australian cricketers dont hv d right spirit to play. they only know to torture d players of opposite team so that they can not concentrete on their game. actually according to me Ponting should learn to play the game in right spirit. Ponting does not deserve to be a captain because he needs to go to a mental doctor.

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  5. arivu says:

    What a shame to ponting …, to win 16 match … Its better to loose

  6. clubwah says:

    I wasn;t happy with Ponting’s captaincy or the way the Australians carried on and was disappointed that ther game turned at key points because of bad umpiring. However with Steve Bucknor sent home and Harbijhan thrown a temporary lifetline I feel it’s time for the Indians to move on and focus on winning in Perth, which will be very tough for them.
    Anyone in India reading this should rest assured that the team has the sympathy of many Australians, but that will wane if they become too petulent.
    I for one can’t wait for the moment Harbijhan bowls to Ricky Ponting. It’s going to be huge!

  7. ganesh says:

    I agree. If possible the result of the 2nd test should be declared null and void.

    I appreciate your feelings, but it is against the spirit of the game. Let this game be remembered as a black spot on the Australian cricket and specially Ricky Ponting.

  8. clubwah says:

    As much as I was disappointed that India was robbed in the 2nd Test I disagree the result should be null and void. Umpiring aside it was a brilliant Test match with some excellent performances including Laxman and Sachan as well as Matthew Hayden, Mike Hussey and Brad Hogg (I’ve left Andrew Symonds out to avoid being burned in effigy (speaking of which check out my Club Wah blog) not to mention Brett Lee, RP Singh, Harbajhan, Kumble and Ishant Sharma with the ball.
    Yes there were bad umpiring decisions and the Australians probably took advantage of the state of the umpiring, however India’s cause wasn’t ben helped with the poor form of Jaffa and Youvraj, who could have got you over the line even if one of them managed a 50.

  9. gautam says:

    If there is any real team spirit and integrity in Australian cricket, ask for scrubbing the match from the series. Renounce the false, stolen fame of victory. The stolen ‘Kohinoor diamond’ in the crown is not a sign of victory; it proves you a thief.

  10. Inteligiant says:

    The precious little indian faggots have been acting like the spoilt terrorist bitches that they so often prove themselves to be. “If things don’t go our way we’ll boycott” (this is like the 5th threat of boycott in 12 months), can’t win on the field so they have to sabotage the whole game off it. Mark my words if India play in Perth they will be destroyed (probabley by an innings or more), over a billion people and this is the best team they can come up with, pathetic. I used to respect Tendulkar but his lying and threats have turned me right off him. Brad Hogg should be suspended and Harbijhans ban should stick too, but I can’t see Australia appealing should Hogg be banned because they can accept the decision of the ICC without making terrorist threats.

  11. Granan says:

    Andrew Symonds is very lucky that he has the sporting talent to play cricket at an international level, because if he had to earn a living using his brain he would be screwed. Just one look at his neanderthal features and you can tell that this guy has a subhuman intellect. When his cricketing days are over he will realize he is too stupid to live and commit suicide. And the world will be left no poorer.

  12. Shashank says:

    aussies are targeting teams strength. aussies also targeted the same way they are targeting bhaji& they should not mind & continue their game . learn aggres.and target aussies in such a way that match refree should not understand

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