Racism issue has been sidelined

Bad umpiring had a drastic effect on the outcome on the test match. I believe we could have won the test match, had all the decisions been in our favor. But the loss was certainly our fault. We seem to be too fragile and we crumble easily and quickly. We could have saved the test match.
Even banning steve buckner from the third test has not solved the main issue.The main issue was of the racist allegation made by Symonds. Harbhajan was banned after a few not so honest australian cricketers (as proved on the field) testified against him.This racism allegation is the main issue and just banning steve buckner dosen’t solve the problem.We need a formal apology as the self respect of all Indians is at stake. Cricket is just a game and winning, losing and cheating is a part of it.But the false allegation of racism is wrong and it should be sorted out and unfortunately the outcome has had a major impact rather than core issue of racism.

Restore dignity demands Team India; refuse to depart for Canberra

The members of the Indian team took a strong stand in the Harbhajan Test ban row as they refused to depart for Canberra until the ban was totally removed from the offie. This is a rare occasion as the Indian team’s players have come out with such a strong protest for the first time. Sources added that the BCCI had not given an official word of action to the team and was likely to instruct them after the meeting of the working committee in New Delhi.

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