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Google update

Google Inc is working on a new Internet encyclopedia that will consist of material submitted by people who want to be identified as experts and possibly profit from their knowledge.The concept, outlined late on Thursday in a posting on Google’s Web site, poses a potential challenge to the nonprofit Wikipedia, which has drawn upon the collective wisdom of unpaid, anonymous contributors to emerge as a widely used reference tool. Google is calling its alternative “knol” _ the Mountain View-based company’s shorthand for a “unit of knowledge.” For now, submissions are by invitation only as Google fine tunes the system, but the Internet search leader said it will eventually publish articles by all comers.

Apple update

iphoneApple sells its 100 millionth iPod making the iPod the fastest selling music player in history.
Apple Inc. aims to build on the success of its iPod music player with the new iPhone wireless device, but it faces a crowded and competitive market in taking on established cell phone makers.

Blu-ray supporters scent victory

The backers of the Blu-ray high definition DVD system are predicting victory in the format wars with HD DVD. The two rival camps have divided consumers since the two incompatible systems were launched.
Nokia To Expand Capacity For Its N95 Smartphone
At CES, the company said the handset will come with a hefty price tag of $749, likely attracting only a small group of users. By Elena Malykhina Nokia disclosed plans Monday at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to make available an 8-Gbyte
China to launch 15 rockets, 17 satellites in 2008
BEIJING, Jan 8 (Reuters) – China is to launch 15 rockets, 17 satellites and its third manned mission in 2008, flexing its muscle in space in a year in which it will host the summer Olympics
Kingston Technology DataTraveler 400 USB Flash Drive
LAS VEGAS & FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif., Jan 07, 2008 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Kingston Technology Company, Inc., the independent world leader in memory products, today announced the release of the DataTraveler(R) 400 (DT400)
‘Indian craftsmen, artisans used nanotech 2000 yrs ago’
Visakhapatnam (PTI): Indian craftsmen and artisans used nanotechnology extensively about 2000 years ago to make weapons and long lasting cave paintings, a Nobel laureate of Chemistry said here.


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