Tata Nano vs Maruti 800 : Head on

Tata Nano vs Maruti 800 : Head on

A comparison between Maruti 800 and Tata Nano


  • Maruti 800: Rs 1.97 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi) = 2.25 lakh (on road)
  • Tata Nano: 1.26 lakh (on road)


  • Maruti800: 800 cc
  • Tata Nano: 623 cc (Better fuel efficiency than maruti 800)

Top Speed

  • Maruti800: 120 km/h (75 mp)
  • Tata Nano: 90 Km/h


Maruti 800

  • length of 3.335 metres
  • width of 1.440 metres
  • height of 1.405 metres

Tata nano

  • length of 3.1 metres
  • width of 1.5 metres
  • height of 1.6 metres

Suzuki’s 600cc engine car, already being sold in Japan would not suit Indian conditions

This is what happens to a Maruti in case of an accident

News Related to Maruti 800

In its 25th year, will the Maruti 800 fade away, to be relaunched in a new avatar? Now that the Rs 1 lakh car is here, all eyes are trained on the fate of the 800, which has been India’s most popular sub-compact. Sources say that Maruti Suzuki India, though playing a wait and watch game, is preparing to launch a refurbished Maruti 800 version. Though changes to the engine are ruled out, the exterior might get a fresh look. And, some additional features might be thrown in at the current price (Rs 1.97 lakh ex-showroom Delhi) to make customers think twice before opting for cheaper competition.

But the key change would be in the way it’s positioned and that’s going to be decided after Tata’s new car hits the road. Without giving up on Maruti 800’s flagship status in the entry-level segment, the company, sources said, could also use its second-hand retailing business — Maruti True Value — to compete in the Rs 1 lakh segment. “There may be more discounts and special offers coming from True Value once the 1-lakh segment opens up,” said a source.

Maruti Suzuki managing director Shinzo Nakanishi is ruling out a price cut for now. Besides, he said, Suzuki’s 600cc engine car, already being sold in Japan would not suit Indian conditions. “The 800cc engine which Maruti runs on is the best engine for Indian conditions in respect to performance and fuel efficiency for its price offering,” he said.

Asked how Maruti planned to tackle Tata and Bajaj’s mini cars with both companies claiming unprecedented mileage, Nakanishi said his company was working on a new series of engines which are expected to offer higher fuel efficiency. These would be first fitted on to the yet-to-be-launched A-Star model and later on other models as well.

Industry analysts though are taking a different stance. According to one expert, “With Suzuki showcasing three of its world strategic models, the Splash, the Concept A Star and the Concept Kizashi, the message being delivered is that Suzuki is in the business of competing in the Rs 2 lakh and above car category. In fact the Concept Kizashi is an indication of Suzuki’s keen interest in the mid-size and premium car market.”

Nakanishi said Maruti might further expand its capacity at Manesar post 2010, once it touches one million capacity between its Gurgaon plant and new facility in Manesar.


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38 Responses to Tata Nano vs Maruti 800 : Head on

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  4. meh says:

    What a gay car far a gay country

    What a great car for a great country

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  6. Sumedh says:

    Dude, the fact of the matter remains that this is going to make the Delhi roads more congested, and is obviously a few bunch of steps backwards when environment and global warming is concerned; at a level when we should be trying our level best to come up with environment-friendly alternatives to cars and private transport, making these contraptions more easily obtainable is never a good idea.

    • Andrew says:

      Sumedh said: “Dude, the fact of the matter remains that this … is obviously a few … steps backwards when environment and global warming is concerned…”

      Dear Sumedh
      Nano is the greatest! Yes, in one way it could be seen as a step back environmentally, but it is a step forward for the people, which can benefit the environment: 1)Higher living standards will give people more time and energy, previously spent on mere survival, to be concerned about the environment. 2)Higher living standards tend to reduce population growth. Less people, less pollution.
      3)Also, Nano will find existing car buyers. People who would have bought a second hand car that uses more fuel, will buy a new Nano, saving fuel on a global scale.

      I cannot wait to see if Nano really goes to Europe and comes here to Africa.

  7. kmeck0000 says:

    Can we buy these cars in the United States? 2500 is a gtreat price.

  8. kmeck0000 says:

    Can we buy these cars in the United States? 2500 is a great price.

  9. Iranian Ajax says:

    My father told me about this car. I was laughing my ass off!

    This is a car? I would probably buy it just for the price…..i do need a car though.

    Iranian Ajax

  10. francton says:

    great work in comparing the Nano with the 800 and the ricks. Hope the nano will wipe off those ugly ricks off our roads. I think rajiv bajaj knows it which is why he gave a curt no comments when asked about the nano 🙂

    • Subhranil gupta says:

      Are u mad……. Is nano a car??? Maruti 800 is not a ugly rick…it is most loved car from 1983…. No car can take its place……….. Nano is of no use…….. Its a faltu car….

  11. jatin kapoor says:

    i love tata nano

  12. Prof P C Rao says:

    Tata Nano is for a married motorcylist who has two small children who is now being taken unsafely in India.He can opt for Nano for its price and not for fuel efficiency and for long distance continous running on our Indian roads.
    Any day Maruti 800 will win for its ruggedness on Indian roads and cheap spareparts and mechanics at every nook and corner of India.Maruti co.has to knock of Airconditioner and other frills and bring down the onroad price of 1.25 Lakhs to sell more than Nanos.

  13. Siva Karthik says:

    Probably if Nanos are replaced by Auto rickshaws in India then prestige may come into picture and still Maruti 800 may rule. People do not want to buy an equivalent to auto rickshaw which may damage their prestige. We need to wait and see if Nano can suit the Indian roads and also if it can beat the very established automobile Maruti 800. One should agree that whether Nano works out well or not it created an impact on the automobile industry especially the compact version of automobiles automobiles imposed higher competition amongst manufacturers which is highly beneficial to the common man.

  14. sajid says:

    nano is not suitable for indian roads.more chances of accidents.it will damage the prestige who r using that car.we can say that is auto riksha.

  15. kunal says:

    since 1986 i have been using vehicles manufactured by maruti suzuki, i have used and /or driven almost all the vehicles except suzuki grand vitara but some how i really feel none can compeat with an 800, its not only fule efficient but at the same time has great power, its a 3 cylinder vehicle and has a very fast and smooth initial pick up, apart from this due to its size it becomes very convinient to park the vehicle in crowded places, the spare parts are cheap and is available in any motor parts shop, and the best part of the story the resale value is good. people wont believe me but i have crossed perinial rivers, water logged muddy village roads, roads made up of crude stones with an 800 that too with an ease. though not very comfortable with three people sitting in the rear seat but certainly is very comfortable on your wallet. five people can easily travel in a maruti 800. the ground clearence is good and hence one need not worry about the bad roads in india, beside it has a big boot and the rear seats can be folded – once again hard to believe but i have carried a computer table and a revolving chair in a maruti 800 from the show room to my house. it does not have a power stearing but if the air pressure in the tyres are maintained the stearing becomes very light, metal asbestos brake pads inprove the braking system and any good quality engine oil gives the engine a solid boost, there are endless things that i can describe and mention about a maruti 800, so honestly i dont think any small car or any car in its segment can ever compete with an 800 – no matter what vehicle i drove i always had a Maruti 800 with me – trust me its the most reliable vehicle i have ever come across.

  16. Sanjay Singh says:


    I do not possess a car and hope that I could not be able to buy for the next 05 years, but I do have sound knowledge about cars.

    As far as I have studied, NANO will not be able to make it. It will a boon for fathers who have to give dowry. It will be hot seller during SAHALAKS (marriage period in India). Off-course at least 04 out of 10 fathers can afford to give NANO as dowry. As regards to a city car, it will be of no good use. Reason: Speed, AC, Comfortability, Space, Manoeuverability in the city traffic.

    Yes, it would be good for use as taxi/tempo in the Medical Colleges or Hospitals to help patient relatives to move easily, Factories for the use of inspections to the clients and equivalent uses.

    It has a Air Cooled engine and if we see the statics of BADAL car launched some where between 1976 & 1978 in India (the car can be seen in the song “Yeh dosti hum nahi chodenge”. It also had air cooled engine and failed at the time when the technology was not so much advanced as of date today.

    Final Word: Useless vehicle.


    Sanjay Singh

  17. Bhargava Chandra says:

    My vote goes for Tata Nano!

  18. Bobin says:

    I love Maruti 800 & it cannot be shaken even if nano comes to market.Even when the other companys small cars came into market it did not have much effect on Maruti it still has it place.I’m haveing it & we brought our LG semi automatic washing machine in it from showroom to our house everybody my parents me & my bro also could sit in the car.Nano has got rear engine so it will be not much comfortable for the rear passengers .
    My vote for Marut 800

  19. Sudhir Tharayil says:

    Better Priced than a Maruti!
    Better Safety!
    Small enough to fit Indian roads!
    Eagerly awaiting to fit my small pocket!
    Kudos to Tata! Innovation is the Key!

  20. tarun says:

    TATA NANO is not a car for the buyers of MARUTI 800, it is for the 2-wheeler owners who actually can`t buy 800.

  21. Savio says:

    The TATA nano STandarD, DELuxe and LuXury will be usher in the new era of automobile engineering into India and then to the world.
    It has a 23.3km/l or 49mpg fuel efficiency conforming to both Bharat Stage II/III norms.
    It gives 33hp or 44nm of torque 3000+-500 rpm this is amazing for a nippy and light 600-630kg car that can tow 300kgs at 106kph and accelerate to 60kph in 10 seconds!
    This is an amazing car that deserves its due credit!

  22. Rama says:

    Just wait ,it will make everyones life worst.

  23. M.Sudhakar. says:

    Tata nano Pricing is excellent and we are yet to test it on the Road. Maruthi is proven vechile and people can depend oln that. Even paying extra premium amount will not be a problem for Maruthi vechiles. When it is compared to nano 800 is priced very high.

  24. Keyur patel says:

    Please don’t compare neno to any other car it’s for coman man.

  25. Devendra says:

    What a nice Car made by Ratan Tata. He is the person in auto industry who think about the middle and higher families requirements.

  26. Vindhya says:

    Nano can’t beat Maruti 800. I am fully agreed with Tarun that its only for those people who can’t buy Maruti 800.

  27. Ashish Semwal says:

    nano is a great innovation and now all the automobile industries will try to make the small cars in future which gives great compitition to nano. according to prize, safety measures, and its design technology this is nice car and on the other hand this is update. so i will prefer nano.
    i wish nano will sell like hot cakes.


  28. bombay says:

    hi when we will see it on roads

  29. SATHU says:

    MARUTI 800 ENGINE LIFE IS 200000

  30. haris says:

    Nano can’t beat Maruti 800. I am fully agreed with Tarun that its only for those people who can’t buy Maruti 800.

  31. India is proud to have this man.

  32. Plz sent a engine detail of Nana last model. worth Rs.95000/- INR.
    and tell me
    have u any process to change last model in to upper of highest model?

    Thanks n regards
    allotement no. 112333692

  33. Gajini says:

    Maruti will bring A Star automatic in july 2010. This will be a good option because in slow moving city traffic, automatic is best and maruti a star is giving good mileage too, hence A Star automatic is the best option for me.

  34. Ganesh Bhat says:

    “This is what happens to a Maruti in case of an accident” Nice photoshop work dude. I like it.

  35. Nick says:

    NanO ####. Man its topsPEeD IS ÖNLY 90. Man are u joking.maruti 800 is best reliable , with a topspeed of 140, 800 can travel easily to any corner of india. My vote for 800. BCoz naNo of nO USE. ##### ##

    Please note: This comment has been censored for being too explicit

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