New Delhi: The secret is out. As Ratan Tata drove in in what is perhaps the most-hyped four-wheeler of the year, excitement was palpable at the Auto Expo show in New Delhi. Christened Nano, and famously priced at Rs 1 lakh (about $2700), the car was unveiled on Wednesdayto a thunderous applause.However, not all seemed as excited over the launch. “If everyone buys the small car, where will they keep it. Where will they drive it?” Maharashtra Home Minister R R Patil quipped.Allaying fears of environmentalists, Tata said the 624 cc, 33 HP petrol engine meets Bharat Stage-III emission norms and can also meet the Euro 4 norms.Nano will also have a 30-litre fuel tank and four-speed manual gearshift. The car will come with air conditioning, but will have no power steering.The car comes with front disk and rear drum brakes. The company claims mileage of 20 kmpl in city and 26 kmpl on highway.The base model of Nano is expected to cost Rs 1 Lakh excluding levies.”Since, promise is a promise the standard dealer version will cost Rs 1 lakh,” said Tata Sons Chairman Ratan Tata.He also said that that the car is eight per cent smaller bumper to bumper, than the Maruti 800 but at the same time 21 per cent larger in its interiors and can sit up to four people.Talking about the safety of the car, Tata said, ‘‘the car has passed the full-frontal crash and the side impact crash”.The car will be available in many variants, which will include one standard version and two deluxe versions with AC.The initiative will determine Tata’s place in the global automotive arena, where the battle is increasingly being fought in emerging economies such as India, China and Russia.Only 10 years ago, Tata Motors Ltd unveiled its first car, a hatchback, that established the truck maker’s credentials as a car maker.The new model, using re-engineered plastics and modern adhesives, is a far cry from the premium Jaguar and Land Rover bands Tata is negotiating to acquire from Ford Motor Co.Tata Motors’ drive to produce a cheap, no-nonsense, small car was born from close observation of a local market where millions often ferry families of four, plus baggage, on motorbikes and scooters.source:ibnlive.com

What are your thoughts on TATA NANO ?

Is TATA NANO truly a peoples car.

Could it amplify the space shoratage problem?

Is it just an urban car?

With the advent of the cheapest car more and more people will prefer to have their own vehicle, rather than using the public transport system.

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12 Responses to TATA NANO

  1. I think its just not car but its a remake of an AUTO RICKSHAW. People can fix a metre and use it as an Auto Rickshaw. With the advent of the cheapest car more and more people will prefer to have their own vehicle, rather than using the public transport system.

    Yup, u r absolutely right. I wouldn’t be surprised if this car is used as a taxi in future as current taxi owners can buy more NANO with lesser investment. But the space and traffic problem might escalate. I see another drawback i.e. this car being small and light weight could topple easily. There is also no provision of Handbrake. And since lesser amount of steel has been used as required, it could lead to fatal accidents. Imagine a truck ramming into a NANO.
    On the other hand the engine being less powerful would prevent the driver to drive it at a higher speed.
    But only time will tell as to what happens in future.

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  3. Shahnaz says:

    I am not sure why we are even talking about driving Nano at a fast speed. It is not meant to be driven fast. It is a city-car for city needs, where speed is not the priority. also, hit-on with trucks are majorly faced on highways not in the city drive. And this car is not meant for a highway-highspeed ride ! i think its perfect for small distance travel, and this will give access to more safety becasue people who could buy a four wheel vehicle becasue of cost constraints will go for this, which is much safer than a bike/scooter !
    I think the expectation of this car is completely wrong in this country and thats why we have so much apprehensions !

    U r absolutely correct, but that is half the story. In Delhi after 10 pm trucks start plying on the road. So there is the problem. Most of the times in an accident the fault is not yours. And don’t forget that even an SUV moving at 40 Kph can topple the car easily. There are always two sides of a coin. No doubt that this car is all set to create history in terms of the units sold and has many advantages(incl cost), yet we should not overlook its limitations.

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  5. surulikumara says:

    is that this car will not be suitable for long distance.. even as like Maruti 800

  6. Swaminathan Balaraman says:

    yes you are right. this is suitable for office goers. It has a pretty good mileage and space compared to M800. This car should be used primarily by commuters and should be less preferred by Taxi drivers. RTata conveyed that its difficult to keep the price of the car as 2lakh in long term as the cost of the raw materials are going high. at this stage consumers are to be benefited much. Also cost can be further bring down from the govt tax cuts as the govt is making lot of money from car taxes. even now it has higher tax even for some imports like 160%. So for this car it should be offered with just 2-5% for the benefit of public and bulk purchase of the car should be restricted in the initial phase by the taxi operators.

    also in the outside market more components have to be sold as spares in regional outlets where people can buy it, like spare wheel, safety belt and bags.

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  8. arindam says:

    this car is going to make history,that is for sure.people in India are very optimistic in nature..they do not bother to think about the negative aspect.so i don’t think that the fear of accident or any other damage will flared up in their mind while having it.more over this car will suit a large no of people in terms of economy..

  9. Bhargava Chandra says:

    I love Tata Nano! My vote always goes for the Tatas’!!!

  10. Mohit says:

    According to me, nano is a good deal for middle class people and those who are facing problem with parkings. Ever car comes with few limitations and people do critisise high value cars.
    Nano is value for money car because it is better to have 4 wheeler instead of having 2 wheeler.
    Nano is the best deal and if you compare it with Maruti 800, Nano is certainly a good deal…

  11. Sartaj Swarup says:

    I’m from USA. Many US people (college and high school students, unemployers, etc.) are very interested to buy the cheapest Tata Nano car. However, it is unsafe and illegal to sell in the USA because of no air bags, which protects driver and pessengers if an accident happens suddenly in the street. Also, the steering wheel of this car should be in the left side by the law of traffic in the USA.

    The Indian Tata Nano would improve its profit in the business if the Tata Nano cars are sold in the USA! We know the highest number of cars in the world are sold in America. Cars are vital for America.

  12. D says:

    I think this car will make all people in India afford it but will increase traffic on city roads and parking will be a menace when u go for a funtion or shopping when imagineed every family has a car and rash driving will increase and inturn Accidents .Also feel its better to pay more an pick a car which can be used for short and long distance and good for long run.
    Time will tell what is good and bad

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