TATA NANO controversy

Another political controversy has erupted as our barefaced politicians have started burning effigies of the small icon(NANO).

The beatific smile on the faces of millions of people has been followed by our belaboring politicians

Since the Nano is the next big thing and there has been huge media hype over the car, should an automobile be hyped in this way? Should it be given this much glamour given the costs of car in today’s times?

Preeti Vyas Gianetti was of the opinion that if one had such story to tell then the punches shouldn’t be held back. She felt that the Tata Group had made an appropriate display of the kind of product they had come out with.


“The hype matches with the promise made by the product and what is supposed to be serving in terms of consumer needs. The design of it is excellent and I would want to own a car, which looks so smart and sexy,” said Gianetti.


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6 Responses to TATA NANO controversy

  1. im planning to by the car and thanks to TATA for making my childhooddream coem true.

    As a son of a poor farmer i had a dream to take my father in a car to temple at least once in life.

    Now I can afford this car.

    long live TATA sir!


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  4. Kiwi Indian says:

    I read a great article by Gwynn Dyer, a London based journalist, on the anti-pollution arguments being put forward against the Nano


    The last paragraph says it all:

    “Clucking disapprovingly about mass car ownership in India or China misses the point entirely. At the moment there are only eleven private cars for every thousand Indians. There are 477 cars for every thousand Americans. By mid-century, there will have to be the same number of cars per thousand people for both Indians and Americans — and that number will have to be a lot lower than 477, unless somebody comes up with cars that emit no greenhouse gases at all. Otherwise, everybody loses.”

  5. Durga says:

    I read many articles speaking against NANO CAR. But Why?????? Rich people are enjoying all comforts of life & now when it is the turn of common man everybody is objecting?????? Talking about environment, pollution , transportation & all crap… Why!!!!!!!! Why common people compromise? Why not rich people sacrifice & quit using car & start availing bus services. See we can not stop development.We need to find the remedy or way out. Stopping the development saying that the transport facility is poor is not the solution. Solution is govt should wake up to improve the transport facility. Once the car would come into the market everybody would wake up with sense of responsibility of improving Transport System. Well I’am very happy & excited about NANO CAR!!!!!!!

  6. nikhel says:

    the comment posted by durga is preety weong in the sense that when it comes to the saftey of the environment, ONE SHOULD NOT DISCRIMINATE BETWEEN THE RICH AND THE POOR as we all share the same globe. As far the vehical goes it is quite environment friendly and even i am consigering to buy the fabulous car.

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