Stylo-Mania : The right? choice

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A question that often comes to mind when products like MacBook Air are launched is that what do we look for : Utility of a product, its features or the styling of it. It is quite often seen that products with style have little or less use, whereas those with basic simple looks are quite powerful when it comes to their features and utilities. Well that could go to “Simple living and high thinking”. Earlier I had spotted this trend in mobile phones which had a quantum leap in the style quotient and the utility quotient too. But the stylish products won the race as far as sales were concerned. But why is that we tend to show off a product more than actually use it. The basic purpose of buying a product is because of its utilities and  not its looks. I guess the credit for this could go to the advertising agencies who’ve been the cogs of this changing trend and not to forget the designers. The stylomania has also spread in other areas too, mostly gadgets and things of utility and daily use. MacBook Air is the latest example.

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  3. Infobel says:

    Hi sushant,
    The topic you have chosen Is really amazing and I am reading your posts since long …but this is really something exceptional . I like the way you are writing … Its really awesome ..I hope to see some new more and encouraging posts from you .
    Thanks .

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