” Google.org ” : Another first by google

Google.org aspires to use the power of information and technology to address the global challenges of our age: climate change, poverty and emerging disease. In collaboration with experienced partners working in each of these fields, we will invest our resources and tap the strengths of Google’s employees and global operations to advance five major initiatives

Google’s philanthropic arm has announced $25 million in new grants and investment to help “make the world a better place.” The computer search engine is focusing on projects that include disease and disaster prevention, helping small and medium-sized enterprises, improving the flow of information to hold governments accountable, and developing renewable energy sources.

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One Response to ” Google.org ” : Another first by google

  1. m2dee says:

    My experience of working with Google.org while at Google has been insightful to say the least. The wing that gives out free advertising clicks for non-profits or Google Grants has an illustrious history of supporting 100s of non-profits across 16 countries and increasing public awareness about non profit organisations and their projects. The ones from India being Akanksha, Planet Read, Room to Read, and a few others. Dr Larry Brilliant, the Director of Google.org had a cardinal role to play in eradicating small pox in India. I attended a 3 week workshop come lecture on issues of Global Poverty, Climate Change, and Social Development. It was informative and multi-dimensional!

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