Kidney scam: Tip-off helped kingpin escape

Haryana Police on Sunday said they did not rule out the possibility of the alleged mastermind of the kidney racket, Dr Amit Kumar, having fled the country, taking advantage of the network of some of his foreign clients.

The scam was exposed after a victim registered a police complaint in Moradabad.

Senior Police Officer Manzil Saini has admitted that Dr Kumar got away because someone tipped him off about the police raid.


”Now, it appears so that the information was leaked. This proves that this is a well-established racket,” said Manzil Saini, Additional Superintendent of Police, Moradabad.

The doctors involved in the racket led by Amit Kumar are accused of performing more than 500 illegal kidney transplants in the last eight years.

”We are not ruling out the possibility that he may have escaped abroad by using his contacts. However, he will not be able to escape the legal channels,” Gurgaon Police Commissioner Mohinder Lal said.

He said the police was coordinating with various agencies to catch Kumar.

”We are not going to let him have an easy run for long. A man accused of being involved in 500 illegal transplants will not be allowed to go scotfree and we will track him down soon,” he said.

Five foreign tourists, who had allegedly come for kidney transplants were found in Amit Kumar’s ”luxury guest house” on Saturday.

He owns two hospitals in Gurgaon under the banner of Liberty Health Care Pvt Ltd, located about five km apart, both of which were raided on Saturday.

The Police Commissioner said police are preparing a database about the previous record of Dr Amit Kumar which will throw light about his alleged illegal activities.

Asked about Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda’s reported remarks in which he admitted that the police failed to uncover the scam, Lal said the Chief Minister’s comments have been ”misunderstood”.

”The Chief Minister never meant to put the blame on the police force. In fact, what he meant was that it was the collective responsibility of all of us–the society as a whole which includes the police, media and other people,” Lal said.

Police last night seized documents and equipment from a hospital in Gurgaon and sealing another in Ballabhgarh as part of its probe into the kidney racket. (With PTI inputs)


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One Response to Kidney scam: Tip-off helped kingpin escape

  1. doctor says:

    Mohinder Lal refuted charges reportedly made by Uttar Pradesh police that Haryana police might have leaked the information that UP police was about to raid two residential premises-cum-hospital of Kumar in Gurgaon.

    He said the UP police team headed by Saini had first raided the premises and then informed Gurgaon police about the kidney racket.

    “If it is assumed that Dr Amit got the information about the raids, it was not leaked from Gurgaon and rather it must have been leaked from UP itself as Gurgaon police was not aware of Kumar’s activities before the raid”, Lal said.

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