Kidney kingpin amassed property worth Rs 1000 cr

Gurgaon, Feb 02: In connection with the multi-crore kidney case, Dr Upendra, Dr Amit’s arrested associate made several startling disclosures on Saturday. He revealed that Amit had invested in over 150 hospitals across the Gulf nations and Europe. He also stated that one such hospital was in operation in Nepal’s capital Kathmandu as well. He further added that the kidney organ trade network established by Dr Amit had a financial worth of Rs 1000 cr.
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Special operation group of Moradabad police are looking for six agents in Delhi, who were close associates of Dr Amit. Police have revealed the names of the six close associates as Kailash Gupta, Neeraj Garg, Shri Agarwal, Younis Bhai, Yashpal Sharma and Sarjeet Jha.

Kailash Gupta, Neeraj Garg and Agarwal made available donors for the kidney trade. Younis Bhai introduced Dr Amit to the underworld. It was revealed that earlier Chhota Shakeel and Dr Amit were close but later on the gangster wanted a share in the trade and had demanded extortion money from Amit. When Amit refused to pay then the gangster sent two shooters to kill him.

Yashpal Sharma took care of Dr Amit’s illegal passport and accounts while Sarjeet Jha helped him during kidney transplants. Dr Upendra said that Amit had also made enormous investments in real estate and in procuring film rights. Amit and Jeevan have also worked in C-grade films.

Dr Upendra also claimed that various Gurgaon officials and bureaucrats conspired to help the alleged kingpin. It was revealed that Dr Amit paid just Rs 1 crore and 20 lakhs as income tax in 2006. The name of an IAS officer Devender Singh is prominently being revealed in this connection. Dr Amit had performed a kidney transplant on his wife, who is a radiologist in Batra hospital.

Meanwhile, the Gurgaon police have sent the arrested female surgeon, Dr Linda to a 14-day judicial custody.

On Friday, the Interpol issued international arrest warrants for prime accused Dr Amit and Dr Jeevan, who are suspected to have escaped from the country shortly before the police conducted raids. They are believed to be hiding in either Canada or Nepal.

The `Red Corner` notices against the accused were issued following a request from the CBI. According to the Moradabad police, Amit was last seen on January 24, in Gautam Budhnagar, Noida.


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