US ship kills 5 Indians just after 1 year of purchase

What Happened

Vishakapatnam, Feb 1: Five Navy personnel were killed and three others were injured in a major tragedy during a Naval exercise in the Bay of Bengal.According to an Indian Navy spokesperson, the accident occurred on board the Indian Navy’s latest acquisition INS ‘Jalashva,’ a 17,000 amphibious warship, while the ship was taking part in the Naval exercises between Visakhapatanam and Port Blair.The accident was the result of the inadvertent inhalation of Hydrogen Sulphide gas by the repair party carrying out maintenance in one of the ship’s compartment, and not due to fire or any other causes, the spokesperson clarified.

Historical perspective

The Indian Navy took possession of the ship on 17 January 2007 in Norfolk, Virginia after signing the transfer agreement by Commodore P Murugesan, Naval Attache, Embassy of India, Washington DC and the Rear Admiral Garry E Hall of US Navy.. The Indian Navy has renamed the USS Trenton as the INS Jalashwa (river horse, or hippopotamus) and plans to keep it at Norfolk Naval Base for refitting until May 2007. Six UH-3 Sea King maritime utility transport helicopters will be operated from the ship.Sea Harrier aircraft can be operated from the deck of the ship.The ship is based at Visakhapatnam under the Eastern Naval Command. Captain BS Ahluwalia is the commissioning Commanded Officer. The ship was commissioned into the Indian Navy on 22 June 2007 at the Naval Station Norfolk, in United States. The ship was commissioned by Indian Ambassador to the United States Shri Ronan Sen. This is the first and only transfer of Naval ship from the United States to India.. On Friday, the 1st of Feb 2008, five Indian Navy personnel were killed, and three others injured due to inhaling of poisonous hydrogen sulphide gas aboard INS Jalashwa, during an exercise in the Bay of Bengal.

Speak India says

Initially the falling MIG’s from the sky were a cause of concern for the Indian Air force after they bought second grade technology from the Russians. Not far behind is the Indian Navy today which has firstly spent a huge sum of money on Gorshkov, on which they will shelling out more money and now it is the USS Trenton. Despite of having all the facilities and resources, rather than building such things in our own country and from own people, our government prefers to give billions of dollars to other countries to buy third grade technology. Had they paid half the amount of money and time on Indians and paid the scientists more, we wouldn’t have had faced such a situation today. You have to invest to reap. By buying a product that depreciates you cannot grow. INS viraat (Admiral Gorshkov) has only a life of 10 years, in which it will take more than a year to refit. But what can we do, atleast commissions from multi-billion dollar deals fills their pockets for their generations to live in peace.


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