“Raj Thckeray admires Hitler and follows him too”.He is dividing India,killing innocents and spreading violence. He has no right to live

Raj ThackeraySource Rediff.com: Like uncle, like nephew. This seems to be the case with Shiv Sena leader Raj Thackeray, when it comes to his fascination for German dictator Adolf Hitler.

While Bal Thackeray is on record saying that he is a fan of Hitler, Raj, who celebrated his 37th birthday on Monday, said that when it comes to organisational skills, there are a few who can rival the Nazi dictator’s abilities.”Leave aside his negative aspects like the barbaric annihilation of millions of Jews. There are several other things about Hitler, which any leader would envy,” Raj told reporters at his Dadar residence when asked if he too was a fan of Hitler like his uncle.”Hitler had everything. The one thing he did not have was the ambition to conquer the world,”(Well we thought he wanted to conquer the world) Raj said, adding, “you can draw whatever conclusions you want from my remarks.”

People like Raj Thackeray who are responsible for the violence and killing of many innocent people should not be imprisoned, they should be hanged. They are a threat to the sovereignty of the country. India is a united nation. Such people should be allowed to stay in this country.

A word to Raj: Remember what happened to Hitler. God never forgives those who do wrong things and commit crimes against humanity. History has been a witness. But we will also not allow you to do the damage, what Hitler did.

You deserve the Hall of Shame in the SPEAK INDIA community


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7 Responses to “Raj Thckeray admires Hitler and follows him too”.He is dividing India,killing innocents and spreading violence. He has no right to live

  1. daman says:

    hi sushant …i think everybody is playing the politics….if u look at the larger picture Congress ,Samajwadi Party ,RJD and of course Shiv Sena & MNS are all playing politics.It could not have been without the support of ruling govt that Raj and his men went berserk .Its just that others are astute (read comfortably placed on their seats) and he is not,so grabbing all the attention in this world!!

  2. Sicilian says:

    Raj Saheb,I support you , before the UP/Biharis start making Ranvir’s sena’s and massacre people (and the government keeping quite), before the same kinds start aborting girl fetus (and the government keeping quite) , before the likes start scams of “chara” and making others “la-char”, cheer up for sati (and the government keeping quite) , let there be revolution against what is wrong , in favor of right, let there be revolution against hyporites who oppose bangladeshis for the same reason for which they support low wages migrants from their regions, let there be revolution against the wrong in favor the right…

  3. Manoj says:

    I support to Raj. Request media to look into actual matter before spreading anything. He is fighting for his rights, rights of Marathi Language, Rights of Marathi Cultre.

    Media owned by all UP and Bihari’s is biased. They do not want to bring the actual matter into notice. Why MNS is getting support from South India? Did media highlights this? A survey shows almost 74 % peoples in Bangalore, 83 % peoples in chennai stands behind Raj thakre. They know how UP and Bihari’s are.

    Request media to highlight the actual matter instead of being biased to Raj.

  4. shri says:

    Jay maharashtra …
    i srtongly support Raj , as although he is in politics , he is doing beneficial for marathi people. As people knows language of stick only..what he is doing it is good. everyone should stay in his state for improving his society and work for it, not like biharies (bhikaries) I am not blaming people but politiciens there like lalu……….

  5. Death Incarnate.. says:

    Raj Thackeray
    The exodus of North Indians is finally going to eradicate the Industries of Maharashtra based upon which the natives are feeling so agile.
    Wait for 5 years. Gujrat is going to be the long awaited Industrial and Commercial Hub of India.

  6. omkr says:

    The image hits like a fully loaded truck.

  7. Omkr Oak says:

    We must strive to restore our lost heritage and bring back our honour. The need of the hour is such leaders who can do the needful to achieve the same.

    Remember our nation was not squalid it was RICH AND WEALTHY. Let us strive to bring back the wealth and protect our nation from plunder.

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