CitiBank and their city mess up

CitiBank in some confusionCitiBank and their city mess up

An active speak India reader has contributed this story to us.

From the contributor,

I would like to inform you that I have been repeatedly harassed by some of the concerned officials of CITI Bank who seem to be adamant and ignorant of an Indian Oil petrol pump- IBP Auto services. I am shocked and amazed in disbelief that CITI Bank officials read IBP as Indian Bharat Petroleum and charge a transaction fee every time I get petrol filled from this petrol pump. The worst part is that people at the customer care refused to verify the facts and their behaviour was much to be desired.

Facts which the CITI Bank have overlooked

IBP merged with IndianOil

IBP was inducted as an IndianOil Group company in February 2002. In the past five years, both IndianOil and IBP worked jointly to exploit new and emerging opportunities in the market place, simultaneously focussing on optimisation of infrastructure and operations, and reduction in manpower costs.

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