Icons of evil: The crest fallen Raj thackeray and his supporter Salman.

Salman Khan has known Raj Thackeray for many years now. The actor called the MNS chief recently and offered his support and condemned the gag order on Raj.
A well-placed B-Town source says that the friendly conversation between Thackeray and Khan was misinterpreted by some close Raj aides who informed certain sections of the media that the actor was supporting the anti bhaiyya campaign by the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) party.
Raj has, in the past, released the music of Salman’s films and has had private screenings of his films.
Raj also worked out at Salman’s private gym at Galaxy Apartments, and shared the same trainer.
Bollywood star Salman Khan says that his joining a signature campaign to oppose the gag order on Raj Thackeray did not mean that he or his family supported the breakaway Shiv Sena chief’s campaign against north Indian migrants in Maharashtra.
But what does this all mean: This simply means that salman supports Raj Thackeray, a person who plans to divide india, a plan so evil. He thinks that by ruining lives of people who are well settled in maharashtra, can give him a political advantage.
Humanity spits on such a crest fallen person. And see who’s supporting him. The bollywood stud, the stupidest person on earth.

Raj Thackeray undoubtedly deserves the hall of shame.

We can’t say anything about salman, he just needs to visit the mental asylum .


One Response to Icons of evil: The crest fallen Raj thackeray and his supporter Salman.

  1. marinalobo19 says:


    This Show rocks we love Salman
    salman khan is 2 good in that show 2 much !!!

    do check out his blog on the show and read more about his personal life

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