Jodha Akbar highlights a problem even existent today

Jodha Akbar highlights a problems even existing today

Jodha Akbar, the first hit movie of 2008, truly deserves more than what it has got.The un-necessary evils of India, our politicians and some anti-social elements tried to impose a ban on the movie in a few states, but after a decision by supreme court, the movie finally got a go ahead. In the midst of all this drama, the main message of the movie got lost somewhere. The grand sets of the movie, cast, crew, direction,music, hogged the limelight, but the message was kept covered.

Jodha-Akbar highlights a problem even existent in the Indian society till today. The problem of communal disharmony, a problem which divided india and was resposibe for the deaths of many innocent people. The problem is also affecting the whole world. We still fight,kill and destroy in the name of religion. When people started realizing this, poeple like raj thackeray tried to do the same evil act in the name of region. The movie is not about the love of jodha-akbar it is about the peace which was made at the time of Akbar, which taught people to tolerate each other and their religions. I just hope we get leaders like him someday, who try to unite the nation, despite our different culture,religion and traditions


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