Puneet Rajhans on Blue Line Menace

Puneet Rajhans commented on the article, ” Blueline Menace in Delhi

This is what he had to say

The sooner you phase out these blueline buses, the better it would be for Delhi commuters. One has lost count of the number of occasions when blueline staff break all norms. Not only the driver overspeeds, he changes lane at will and is abrasive and abusive. The conductor is rude to the extent possible. These devils need to be tamed, tamed and tamed. They have unleashed a jungle raj on city roads. What on earth prevents the commuters inside the bus to raise a voice. Perhaps their eagerness to reach the destination is too overwhelming to bother about any other thing. Or they are too scared to respond to situations. No amount of strict action can make them fall in line. No amount of cajoling/coercing can make them see logic. They need to be tamed with all possible measures one can think of in the course of traffic governance. At least six to nine months should be set aside when half of the fleet would be off the roads. Well, commuters even if they face hardships would in the normal course get used to it. As for the remaining fleet on the road, this action would be enough to make them curb their notoriety till the period they are not completely phased out. But they have to be phased out at any cost.
These devils have snatched so many lives that authorities aren’t bothered to think about when one gets knocked down. Perhaps it is the offshoot of liberalization that human angle has taken a backseat. Perhaps we are tied to our daily dose of happenings that nothing can shake us even if the menace continues unabated.
When so many public campaigns have been launched on so many issues, some even trivial by nature, why can’t a campaign be launched on such an issue where human life is at stake. For all those who don’t take public transport, spare a thought or two for all those who take this form of transport and face a constant threat of their life being cut short.


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