Sequence of events: Scarlett murder in Goa

ScarlettMarch 5
Tourists have been warned to take more responsibility for their own safety after two Britons were found dead in the Indian holiday resort of Goa in just two weeks.

Manchester man Michael Harvey, 34, was found dead on Sunday in a backpacker shack at a remote palm-fringed beach notorious for drugs-fuelled rave parties – just two weeks after Devon schoolgirl Scarlett Keeling’s body was found on a Goa beach.

An autopsy report revealed that Harvey had died from a pulmonary and cerebral oedema, but detectives are now investigating whether drugs or violence could have played a part in his death.

His body was found the morning after he checked in to Ben’s Inn on Aswem beach. He was the tenth Briton to die in Goa this year.

A post-mortem investigation found sand in Scarlett’s mouth but little water in her lungs.

“The fact is that my daughter did not drown in the sea but died of asphyxia when her face was pushed into the sand by her assailants,” said Mrs MacKeown.

“The body of my daughter was found on the sand and not in the sea, as falsely stated by the police.

“Her body was found naked, yet the police informed me she was in her swimwear.

“There are a large number of abrasions on her body, yet the police tried their best to convince me as well as the media that the body did not have any abrasions. They have lied all the way through.”

Scarlett, from Bideford, Devon, had been on a six-month backpacking holiday with her mother, her mother’s partner Rob and her six brothers and sisters, arriving in Goa on November 22.

After fighting for the truth behind her daughter’s death, Mrs MacKeown believes it is even possible police were involved in Scarlett’s rape and murder.

She said: “Three weeks back an Australian female tourist was relaxing in the south Anjuna Beach after dark. She did not possess any contraband but was bodily searched and then raped by men in uniform.

“When she went to the police station in Anjuna the duty officer dissuaded her from lodging a complaint, explaining that such a complaint would cause huge harassment to her before she could get justice. She left the country without officially reporting the matter.

“A large number of tourists from countries including England, Italy, Germany, Australia and France have shared their experiences with me, verbally and on email.”

Scarlett was last seen alive with two “unsavoury characters” at Lui’s Cafe on south Anjuna beach at 4am of February 18. Her body was still warm when discovered nearby at 6.30am.

March 10
Indian police have detained three men in connection with the murder of Scarlett Keeling, 15, who was found dead on an Indian beach last month.

Scarlett Keeling, whose mother has threatened to release graphic photographs of her battered body
Scarlett Keeling lived her with her mother and siblings in a smallholding in Devon

The Indian men are likely to be formally arrested, police official Bosco George said. The owner of a café on Anjuna beach where Keeling was last seen partying, was reportedly among those detained.

It is believed police are also searching for four more men in relation to the attack.

An officer who did not want to be named said: “We have pinned them down because they are always loitering around in the beach belt and their conduct was suspicious. They became friendly to her during her three-month stay.”

Her mother, Fiona MacKeown, who has spent recent weeks campaigning for the death to be re-investigated, told The Sunday Telegraph: “I’m just relieved that we’ve achieved this first objective.

“It’s a strange feeling now, though, to come to terms with the fact that Scarlett was actually murdered. I know there’s a huge procedure ahead of us to get the case solved.

“The hardest thing for me now is to try and put faith in the police officers who looked me in the eye and lied about my daughter’s death.

“I’m now hoping to take Scarlett home and bury her on our land with a beautiful ceremony.”

Scarlett, who with her mother and siblings in a smallholding in Devon, arrived in Goa back in November, embracing the island’s party lifestyle. She was last seen alive at a bar called Lui’s on Feb 18, where she was said to be in the company of several men.

Her corpse was found on the beach only yards away, her shorts and underwear having been removed and her bra-top pushed up around her neck.

The first post-mortem examination recorded only five bruises on her body. The second found 50, and injuries to her genital regions.

“They [the police] have caused us a huge traumatic experience,” said Mrs MacKeown. “They have behaved like criminals.”

March 17
Indian detectives have arrested a man in connection with the murder of Scarlett Keeling, the 15-year-old Devon girl found dead last month on a beach in Goa.

The superintendent of police, Bosco George, said they had arrested Samson D’ Souza, a “shack boy” at Lui’s bar on Anjuna beach, the hippy centre of the state’s rave and drugs scene.

The arrest came 24 hours after a second post-mortem examination concluded the girl had been murdered. The police had originally claimed she had drowned in the sea while drunk or on drugs, and that her body had only a few minor cuts and bruises.

But a second examination – carried out after Scarlett’s mother, Fiona MacKeown, claimed she had been raped and killed – found she had been murdered and revealed that her body had suffered 50 cuts and bruises.

Some of wounds were in her pelvic area, supporting her mother’s claim that there had been a sexual assault.

March 18
A British tourist came out of hiding yesterday to tell police in Goa that he had seen an Indian bartender sexually assaulting Scarlett Keeling less than two hours before her half-naked body was found on Anjuna beach.

Michael Mannion, 35, a carpenter from London, told The Times that he had spent five hours giving a statement to police after more than three weeks of moving around India in fear for his life. “I’ve been terrified,” he said. “I wanted to help, but I had to think about whether something would happen to me because of what I saw.”



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  1. I have written about events from a UK perspective and would be quite happy to have a dialogue about these events because there are underlying issues that effect both our great nations.

    If you have no objection here is my link

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  3. Its is a sad thing to see a girl that young die. The Goa police, the goverment and the mother all share a part in her death as much as the people how raped and killed her.

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