Scarlett,India and the ORTHODOXY

I recently read an article titled, “Thank God! I’m not Scarlett” and it sent a shock wave across my mind. The author thanks god for not being the victim (Scarlett) and her mother not being Fiona, the victim’s mother.

After the unfortunate incident, it seems as if the whole world exactly knows the reason and causes behind the rape and murder. I feel very sorry to hear people talking about the bad parenting of Fiona every time this topic is raised.

The fact that has been forgotten is, that two people committed a crime in a so called safe tourist destination, which has been a witness to murder of almost 130 foreign nationals in the last two years

Despite all this, its Fiona, Fiona and only Fiona. “She is the culprit, catch her”, “she should not get away”.

What the hell!

A journalist suddenly becomes a good mother and starts giving parenting tips. She thanks god on not putting her in place on Scarlett. But why only she?

Shouldn’t every girl have the “right” to not be in place of Scarlett?

Shouldn’t every girl have the “right” of moving freely and on her own? We are living in a world where women are trying to move, hand in hand with men in every sphere. Then why such orthodoxy when it comes to partying.

I feel the reason lies in the mindsets of people. People like the journalist who wrote the article “Thank God! I’m not Scarlett”, who feels Fiona should have known that the mindset of Indian men hasn’t changed over the decades.

I think its high time we look into ourselves.

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2 Responses to Scarlett,India and the ORTHODOXY

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    it indeed is a travesty of the much – celebrated and much-vaunted increasing parity of women with their male counterparts in India when such a heinous crime as rape and murder which is the highest form of indignity on the person of a woman is sought to be overshadowed by shifting the spotlight on inadequate parenting of the mother. All tenets of civility are defied when some incidental facts (inadequate vigil over the minor) are projected as having extenuating impact on the twin crimes of rape and murder committed by a gang of lecherous beasts. How does one really have the gall to justify the forcing of a man’s body on that of a woman by citing that she was too outgoing OR THAT HER MOTHER was careless unless the insinuator himself/herself seeks to espouse such crimes???

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