India proves chicken

I read a post in a leading english daily titled “From taslima to tibet,india proves chicken”. This was posted under a section called “Second opinion”

I was really curious to see what was in the post as it was concerning the India and the c

urrent events that have been affecting our image as a secular an d democratic India.

The first line said ” Instead of the peacock, India should adopt the chicken as its national bird.”. Woh! That’s getting dangerous

As I read

further, I found the author quite right in his second opinion. The image of India,more than the image, the soul of India has changed over the years. This is very evident from the fact that people like Raj T

hackeray say that he(and all politicians) is inspired by Hitler.

Quite recently, the Taslima episode has shown the world, the inner fundamentalist world of India. The fundamentalism, which is backed by our politicians. I think my life would prove in-sufficient to write about our devilish inhuman politicians, and the English language would also prove incapable to describe them.

On the other side, “India proves chicken”, means we are generalizing this to all Indians and the picture then becomes completely wrong. But still there’s some truth behind the chickenism shown by the Indian govt.

We can just sit and hope that the Indian tiger comes out, despite all the political zoo keepers to show the world(and ourselves)our secularism and democratic nature.

Indian Chicken

picture source :Times of India

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