See how the taxpayers money is wasted #1

We are a country with a GDP growth of around 9%. We form a part of a community called “Incredible India” Wow. But still somethings don’t change.

Things have changed from the gandhian era to the contemporary world.Indian economy, cricket, crime rate and fundamentalism have changed. What hasn’t is our art of copying and cheating.

We are lacking originality in our ideas, which can be seen from the HCBS project, which was a copy of a similar project run in a few other countries.The side efefcts of HCBS project might seem small,in front of other disasters and tragedies that have resulted due to the vested interests of our politicians.

A similar example is shown in the video below.

A person is breaking costly tiles to make an abstract decoration, which can be made from broken tiles as a part of recycling process. But what to do? Buying of new tiles will benefit the local contractor and the govt official involved. I saw a garden in Chandigarh, which was entirely made of such recycled tiles.

It seems to me that it is high time we wake up to such wastage of money, even if it is small.

Click here to see the video


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