See how the taxpayers money is wasted #2

Hide and Seek

The next way through which the tax payers money is being stolen, rather than being wasted is the hide and seek way.

  • The govt first allocates money to a project, which has no use and significance.
  • The project causes a lot problem to the people
  • Traffic jams result due the mismanaged project
  • People shorten their lives by inhaling more carbon monoxide, while the politicians are enjoying their old age in their lawn.
  • Few people unfortunately die
  • The citizens want the project to be called off.
  • After a lot of request, the govt finally calls the project off, but says, that the pilot project will run.
  • One day a leading daily shows the shocking news of the approval of the project and that too on a bigger scale.
  • Project allocation cost: around 1873 cr

The above mentioned hide and seek way through which the govt is cheating is the example of the HCBS project.

What do you think should be done to such people(politicians) ?

Should we imprison them for life. I think yes. 

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3 Responses to See how the taxpayers money is wasted #2

  1. Marina says:

    Re: “while the politicians are enjoying their old age in their lawn”

    Politicians in a Democracy are elected by the people, aren’t they? So it has to come back…. Dude!!!

  2. Re Marina

    Politicians are surely elected by the people. But u have to select an old thief from a bunch of thieves.

    moreover this post is in relation with the BRT corridor project, which I feel you are unaware of.

    The people of delhi have faced a lot of problem because of this and despite several requests the govt decided to go with it.

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