The govt fools its citizens again

The UPA govt have managed to fool the citizens of India once again. This time it is the BRT corridor.

It was told by govt sources that only one project of the BRT system would run and rest all would only run if this one proved out to be successful.

But what did they do. They back stabbed us once again. It has come to the notice through sources of times of India that 26 such projects have been given the clearence.

The govt and its ministers are leaving no stone unturned to cheat,steal and rape this nation.

It has been raped to such an extent that people like Taslima say that India is fundamentalist. It is true.

Our representatives are proving out to be a bunch of thieves, disguised as hypocritical saints.

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2 Responses to The govt fools its citizens again

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  2. sandeep sankat says:

    “Is the New fleet (Green & red) buses really commuter friendly?”

    The new fleet Green & red buses are on road from last few months definitely they are better then the existing DTC buses but are they really commuter friendly?

    These buses measures more in length & breadth then the previous DTC buses but the total number of seats is just 35 as compared to a DTC bus which is 50. That means there is more of standing space rather then comfortable seating space & it can have high capacity if & only if people are standing in it. Now this is ridiculous because if this is the criteria for the selection of these buses, it means that it was presumed by the decision makers that the common man will be traveling in standing position? Standing position travel by the commuters can work in rail system, as in Bombay but in the Delhi conditions of congestions, traffic jams, pollution etc it’s a real big problem. Moreover the problem of pick-pocketing, eave teasing, physical harassment etc occurs in the standing positions, whereas the seated passengers are comparatively more relaxed.

    Now out of 35 available seats in new fleet buses 12 are reserved that means only 23 number of seats are available only for the commuters. Is this a high capacity? In Delhi people commute even from the satellite towns & the time spent in the buses varies from few minutes to few hours too & non availability of seating space for long distance travels is more of a problem rather then a good solution as public transport system. We cherish the concern for the women, children & disabled but where is the concern for the common man?

    Also, the number of vehicles on Delhi roads will be reduced if & only if there is an availability of a comfortable Public Transport system & these new fleet green & red buses does not provide that opportunity.

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