Outsiders are to blame. – Mother accused of negligence

Donna(Goa) : When are the Goan people going to face up to the fact that they need to take responsibility for their own people, government and problems that HAVE NOW COME TO LIGHT.

When I first came to Goa many years ago as a British tourist. I thought I had found a slice of heaven. The simple things in life were important here, caring and lovely people, a spiritual place, not full of greed and self-interest. Sixteen years later and what’s the picture? Goan’s, look at what is happening here.

These boys deliberately drugged Scarlet and raped her. Once they achieved what they wanted they left her to die alone. Then your police force and your government tried to cover it up. This is disgusting, and terribly wrong.

If it were not for Fiona MacKeown’s refusal in not accepting her daughter’s death as accidental, would anything have been done? Or would this have been another unexplained death? Just how many of these crimes are being swept under the carpet? What message is being sent to the young people of Goa?

STOP blaming others, these boys were Goan, these boys were using drugs to commit horrific crimes. They knew what they were doing and did not care. Whether you like it or not, Goa, like many other societies in our world is changing. Some of these changes we do not like nor do we understand, but they are happening.

Yes, Scarlet should never have been left on her own. But in that split second Fiona MacKeown’s made the wrong decision. And she will have to live with that for the rest of life. She will never feel and experience the joys of her daughter Scarlet, grow from a child into a woman. Is that not enough pain to live with?

We cannot change what has happened, but what you can do is make sure that these crimes do not happen again. The answer is not to blame but to look within your own community and deal with these arising problems. Which has ultimately affected us all. I do not believe that Goan’s are bad people, nor do I believe Fiona MacKeown’s is a bad person or mother.

What I do believe is that the culprits that committed this crime and the others that helped to cover it up, and blame everyone and everything else apart from their own failings. These people should be punished and hold their heads in shame.

Rest in peace Scarlet Eden Keeling.

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