Scarlett Keeling rape and murder: The counter view

Ana Magdalene: Im amazed by the article written by Miss Donna from UK wherein she feels that the Scarlett Keeling rape and murder is the fault of the goan folk. She claims to have come to India 15 years ago and there were caring and spiritual folk. Now 15 years down the line, the entire scenario has changed! This struck me as an odd remark! Because I myself am Goan and Ive lived in this laid-back state for 20 years of my life. I have not once come across a Goan who is not willing to care for a fellow goan or tourist!
What happened to Scarlett is unfortunate! The criminals must be brought to justice. But Please do not say its the fault of the goans! Because the Goa where was brought up in does not comprise of murderers. Infact I cannot relate at all to the Goa that’s in the media gaze post Scarlett Keeling’s death. I am shocked to find how much Anjuna has changed. Its a serene, picturesque village of Anjuna that stills plays in my mind.
I strongly believe Fiona Mackeown should have known better than to trust her under-age daughter in the care of a stranger and that too in a foreign country! I being Goan and 20 years of age never venture out on my own at night. Parents should be there guide their young ones. Im glad mine did. As much as you try to ignore it, drugs, alcohol, peer pressure is always present in the background of almost every country you can point on the globe! All that matters is whether you can or cannot keep away from these bad elements. Maybe Scarlett was too young to know the difference. This is where parental guidance had to come in.

All that matters now is whether the CBI can bring the culprits down to their knees. I do hope that justice is brought to Scarlett Keeling. May her soul rest in peace. As a Goan, I can only pray that Goa’s image is not shattered any further.

This story has been contributed by Ana Magdalene

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