Tibetan Protests and the Olympic torch:A Glance

Tibetian protests

The History

Tibet remained a defacto independent state until shortly after the conclusion of the Chinese civil war, when on October 1, 1949, the People’s Republic of China was formally proclaimed in Beijing and the following year launched an armed invasion of Tibet. The Chinese army of 40,000 men routed the unprepared defending Tibetan army of only 5,000 near the city of Chamdo. The defeat subsequently led to the signing of the Seventeen point agreement by the Tibetan Government.

The Protests

The 2008 Pro-Tibet protests are a series of protests that are being held around the world as a response to the unrest in Tibet. The protests in Tibet started on 10 March on the anniversary of the failed uprising against the Chinese Communist government, and then spread to provinces of China where there were a large concentration ethnic of Tibetans, including Gansu and Qinghai

The Tibetan community in neighbouring India where many Tibetans are settled organise protests yearly on 10th March against the Chinese particularly in the town of Dharamsala – the fact that China is hosting the Olympics also featured prominently in the protests.

There were protests along the route taken by the Olympic torch, in France the route had to be cut short due to the protests while in London attempt were made to snatch the torch and extinguish the flame. In San Franciso the authorities changed the route to avoid protesters and US presidential hopeful Barack Obama asked for the games to be boycotted in China if it does not take steps to improve its human rights record.


The Speak India Debate : Whats your view

Should the Tibet protests target the Olympic Torch ?






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