12 year old girl raped by COP

In an incident that brought back the horrid memories of the rape of a college-going girl by a drunken policeman on Mumbai’s Marine Drive in 2005, a 12-year-old girl was raped inside a moving car allegedly by a Delhi police traffic constable and his friend on Thursday afternoon at Swaroop Nagar in the Outer district.
The cop, Sanjeev Kumar, 26, has been arrested; there is no trace of his friend or the car. While confirming rape, the medical report says the constable wasn’t drunk at the time of the crime.(watch)

According to police sources, the girl was standing outside a temple at Nangli Poona in Swaroop Nagar, waiting for her family to join her after prayers. The accused constable came along with a friend in a Maruti 800 and pulled her inside.Read

The law protectors are getting in to criminal activity as the scene in Delhi gets really scary.

What do you think needs to be done to such people.


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3 Responses to 12 year old girl raped by COP

  1. aniche says:

    whatever you do to such people, this is never going to end as long we still live with stupid shit-ass rituals and retarded views about women and girls. the government doesn’t give a crap about women, the cops don’t, and even the people don’t. all everyone cares about is banning a book or a movie or a painting juz cuz it shows something they don’t like. it’s pathetic.

  2. Himani says:

    The best manner in which such animals can be punished is by publically castrating them.It will not only make them experience the horror which the women face but also deter anyone planning a similar crime.

  3. This is truly a shame. Public ridicule and castration maybe good options for these monsters. Especially those in an authority position !

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