BRT corridor mess up in Delhi

The BRT corridor has gone bust. Yes, that’s the resounding message from two days of chaotic trials on the Ambedkar Nagar-Moolchand stretch. What else can explain the decision of a panicky government to let in taxis and autos into the corridor dedicated to buses! If the BRT architects are willing to jettison lane segregation, then the corridor – on which about Rs 100 crore has already been spent – is as good as dead. All that remains is for the government to send in crews to dismantle it so that Delhiites can heave a sigh of relief.
The patrons of the IIT-Delhi department behind the BRT concept include bus manufacturing majors Volvo and Tatas. Ford owns the Volvo brand and is one of the biggest bus manufacturing companies in the world. TRIPP’s patrons also include Telco (now called Tata Motors), a major supplier of buses. Tatas are the only suppliers of low-floor buses in Delhi at present, having bagged the order for the first lot of 500 buses to be supplied to Delhi Transport Corporation. While Ford has funded a chair for the programme, both Telco and VERF have given grants.

The corporate affiliation of TRIPP is no secret. It is prominently displayed on its website but despite it not being classified information, the apparent ignorance of the city government and officials is puzzling. While TRIPP is free to source its financial backing from the industry, its role in a project which specifically promotes buses as a mode of public transport can raise conflict of interest issues, all the more as the BRT backers have strenuously run down the Metro.


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2 Responses to BRT corridor mess up in Delhi

  1. Vikash Kumar says:

    BRT is Fuddu-Panti.
    Go on Sushant.

  2. Dr Joglekar says:

    I am writing with regards BRT projects as implemented in two Indian cities. Despite being a campaigner for improving Pune’s bus public transport system, I have not managed to share the optimism over BRT projects in Pune (and perhaps Delhi) for various reasons. Unfortunately a number of factors are being over looked in the ongoing debates. Concepts such as cost effectiveness and opportunity costs remain forgotten. Equally to run after a dream called BRT without having basic pre-requisites in place is nothing but foolish. For more details on my views with 15 embedded links please read my article by clicking here. Or visit

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