Arushi Talwar murder #5

Aarushi Talwar’S father Rajesh Talwar was on Tuesday remanded in three days’ police custody by the Noida Chief Judicial Magistrate’s (CJM) court.

Lawyers of the Gautam Budha Nagar Bar Association, who were on strike in support of the Gujjar agitation, did not allow Talwar’s advocates to argue the case. Talwar himself pleaded his case.

Around 12.08 pm, four vehicles carrying prisoners from the Dasna jail, including Talwar, reached the Noida Phase II court. The drivers of the vehicles said they had started at 9.40 a.m. from the jail but due to traffic jams on the national highway near Lal Kuan, they were delayed by an hour.

Before Talwar was taken to the CJM’s court, the Noida Police led by SP (city) AK Tripathi asked the media to move out of the court complex. He said only advocates of Talwar’s family could enter.

When proceedings started, bar association members manhandled Talwar’s relatives and his advocate Mahinder Pratap Singh.

After the melee, CJM AK Singh heard the prosecution officer and Talwar and sent him on police remand for three days. A lawyer will be there with Talwar during the interrogation period.

Senior prosecution officer PC Srivastava said, “It was argued that Rajesh Talwar had lodged an FIR against Hemraj that he had murdered his daughter Arushi and after committing the crime ran away. After one day, the body of Hemraj was found lying on the terrace, which was locked. When police went to the spot, they recovered the dead body of Hemraj in the absence of the Talwars.”

“Rajesh and his wife had gone to Haridwar to immerse her ashes in the Ganga,” said Srivastava.

Srivastava said when they came back, the police interrogated Rajesh Talwar, who confessed that he had killed his daughter and Hemraj. “He also confessed that he had illicit relations with Dr Anita Durrani. He said Aarushi was threatening to expose the relation before her grandparents,” he said.

Earlier, Talwar moved an adjournment application, seeking another date for hearing his plea because of the lawyers’ strike. He said he was innocent and had not confessed anything.

Talwar’s advocate Mahinder Pratap Singh said, “I had requested the bar association to allow me to appear for Talwar but they rejected my request. It was then decided that the adjournment application would be moved by Rajesh Talwar himself.”


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3 Responses to Arushi Talwar murder #5

  1. Dipu Shaw says:

    Informative article. I am especially concerned about how the news channels played it

  2. suku M says:

    The whole episode is very frightning,no one did any thing about he famous”trios” Rajesh,Nupur Talawar and Anita Durrani even after Dr Rajesh T’s confession about the crime.CBI gave him a clean chit!Ms Mayawati shuffeled the high officials involved.Yes,Arushi might havethreatned them(him )which she did not mean to,about their affair,including A durrani’s children,A Durrani was nothing but an “accomplice”.she forced Rajesh T to commit the crimeto save her marriage/family.she was protecting her kids,while poor Arushi was defenseless and alone.Arushi was trying to get help that’s all. she herself is in the similar situation,she no sibbling
    to express her feelings.May be she wa worried about thier lives.she’s paraoid to see the family break -up(divorce and so on)it was too hard on that tender mind! she had no one on her side to confess except Hemraj.He stood by her “protecting her till the last moment.He’d every reason to escape the situation,which he did’nt reason? for taht defenseless little soul she It’s amazing how Nupur could ignore!It’s been almost an year,I still grieve for Arushi.Reply
    suku Madisetty

  3. suku M says:

    Arushi’s MMS was nothing but “Garbage”,thanks to Microsoft for the wonderful product”Photoshop”anyone can do magic with it.They are just “smearing” thier dirt on her.Who could be more worse than Anita Durrani!Even if it’s true,so what!! It’s the latest technology that’s “corrupting”the kids every where.Arushi was not alone,every family has the same problem,it’s never brought to the “lime light”unless ther’s a crime involved!Everyone is dealing with it.we are not killing our children and it’s not the solution.In tough situation,mother should opt for work part time,when the kids are home,not chasing around thier careers.It seems they were never before 10.0pm.Poor Arushi was like a “POW”in house.Ms Mayawati played a “very” dirty game by shuffeling the top officil involved.she ahould be “demoted” to Department of sanitation(Municipal corporation)where she belongs(a dalit)I regret to say that we have one of the most “corrupted? politician in the world!so are the “law enforcement departments” I’m still not clear about the Justice system..hello..does itstill exist??..ther’s “Justice” in the kingdom of God!they’ll get their fair share there..If one has to immerse their(A Durrani,Rajeh and Nupur Talwar)ashes..I would immerse it in “public sewer/drainage!That’s the only place that’s worth for them!!Hemraj was more than a mother to Arushi..May his soul”Rest in peace”.Icontribute money towards “annadanam”(poor feeding)on that fateful day(May 16 th) Can’t get over the grief! May their souls rest in peace” pray for better place in heaven(they were alive last year,she was still attending school) Reply
    suku Madisetty

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