Aarushi Talwar : Media attack

Aarushi Talwar has been the most talked about topic on the Indian Television, specially news channels these days. There have been numerous scripts read aloud by the TV anchors and as many versions of the murder being considered on television. The police where not far in grabbing the opportunity to hog the limelight and shortly after their first press conference, they went into in a bunker as the ever digging media found their incapability and illiterate (virtually) minds. A CBI inquiry was ordered and the shameful police people suspended. Now that the case is in the hands of the CBI, it is coming to new twists and turns.

Theses turns have proved to be the perfect script for the television creative artists, who seriously lack some talent. They are very good at one thing, the art of copying. the thing they do very well. if not hollywood, it is reality. After all it is their inspiration. I have no problem with that. It is the insensitivity with which this sensitive subject has been approached. They have pointed fingers at the character of the 14 year old victim (Aarushi). They have left no stone unturned to capture their audience and make more money. You have to make money, make it, talk about aarushi, but please don’t assassinate her image.Don’t instill fear in the minds of school going children and for heaven sake don’t create something non-existent. The one thing, which made me very upset was the “MMS” which was aired on “India” new channel. The channel now faces temporary ban. it is my appeal to all those who are reading this to discourage such talks.

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Sushant Kumar

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One Response to Aarushi Talwar : Media attack

  1. This entire episode has been very unkind to the the kids who all of a sudden have transformed… it’s all new to them.
    Many of them don’t understand anything at all, few of them understand but everyone is scared and quite.


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