Arushi Talwar MMS: TV channel given notice

Vote now: Who do you think murdered Arushi Talwar

News channel ‘India’ had recently aired an MMS on Arushi Talwar. The information and broadcasting (I&B) ministry found the content ‘‘obscene, defamatory and denigrating of children and against good taste and decency”. The government, upset over the telecast of the vulgar MMS has issued a show cause notice to the news channel. The TV channel now faces temporary ban. Nupur Talwar, the mother of Arushi Talwar has lodged a strong protest with the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) against television channels and a production house.

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source: Times of India


2 Responses to Arushi Talwar MMS: TV channel given notice

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  2. Bhavna says:

    I think this is not enough. There is a serious need to punish many more channels who have been reporting completely abashly and unethically. While the rights of Aarushi as a child have been protected, I think we seriously need to defend Dr Rajesh Talwars rights as an accused. This is only in our country where the media could be permitted to build a public opinion against an accused even without him being proven guilty. I think the electronic channels have become deplorable and harm our country more than any hardened murderer does. Barring NDTV, there are hardly any channels which can boast of any reserch of any logic behind their coverage. A basic question of why a father would murder his daughter has not even been posed, forget it being answered. I think perhaps watching too many Ekta Kapoors serials has hardened us to crime, so much so that we think its quite a probability in real life. Unfortunately the Talwars are paying a heavy price for the society mindset. God bless them and save them from the onslaught of the media.

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