The Fall of Nepal’s last king gyanendra

From Reuters:

Not long ago he was revered by some as a Hindu god, waited upon by thousands of royal palace retainers. His face adorned banknotes and the national anthem sang his praises.

Now Nepal’s former King Gyanendra is vilified, has lost his crown and is being forced out of his palace.

A specially elected assembly voted overwhelmingly to abolish the 239-year-old monarchy two weeks ago, leaving Gyanendra to go down in history as the last king of Nepal.

Gyanendra will now move to an old royal hunting lodge just outside the capital until he has a chance to find a permanent home.


King quits his palace

From BBC:

The deposed king of Nepal, Gyanendra, has moved out of the palace in the capital Kathmandu where his family lived for more than a century.

Before leaving, he told reporters he had handed back his crown and royal sceptre and would work for the good of the new republic.

Gyanendra and his wife, the former queen Komal, are to move to a new, temporary residence outside the city.


Former Nepalese king’s elderly mistress to remain in palace

From Associated Press [via IHT]:

For more than half a century, few Nepalis knew of the mysterious elderly woman living in Katmandu’s royal palace.

They found out Wednesday about Sarala Gorkhali when authorities announced the frail 94-year-old could stay in the palace even though Nepal’s recently deposed king was being forced to move.

The reason: she was the youngest mistress of King Tribhuwan, who ruled the Himalayan kingdom from 1911 until his death in 1955, and has no house to move to or any relatives to take her in, interim Home Minister Krishna Prasad Sitaula said.

So as Nepal’s last monarch, Gyanendra, leaves his family’s one-time seat Wednesday, Gorkhali will remain, a final member of the royal court and a reminder of a dynasty that reigned over the Himalayan nation for 239 years.


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