Arushi talwar Murder case finally solved

Do you think Dr Rajesh Talwar is hiding something in Arushi Murder case ?

After months of capturing the media headlines, the Aarushi murder case has finally seen some answers. Dr Rajesh Talwar has been released and the three accused arrested. Despite the many versions of truth making its way to the media, the real truth is still at large and the motive still remains hazy, the answers provided merely serve as a launching pad for more questions.
From the day this tragic murder came to limelight it has been a whodunit that would not feel out of place in an Agatha Christie thriller. A young girl murdered in her own bedroom, parents sleep through the murder, man-servant missing only to be found dead two days later on the terrace of the same home and father arrested as a prime suspect. Unfortunately in the three month handling of the case both the Noida police and CBI have more than proved they are no Hercule Poirots. The case has seen one goof-up after the other. And even as the proceedings near a close there is no Poirot style neat tying up of the facts. Only a presentation with many dangling loose ends.
For those who grew up on a staple of Enid Blyton books, Mr Goon of Five Findouters is a memorable character. The bumbling village constable who always is beaten by the children in solving the crime. The buffoonery of Noida police in the recent past has been of Mr Goonesque proportions, only the gravity of their blunders is far from the realm of children’s fiction. In their over zealous drive to crack the case, they first jumped the gun by naming Hemraj as the prime suspect, only to shamefacedly admit two days later to the discovery of his corpse on the terrace. Obviously, the terrace is too far placed from the scene of crime to need checking. Soon after they made another breakthrough by arresting Dr Talwar and coming up with a cock and bull story that would put all C-grade Bollywood pot-boilers to shame. Father has affair, daughter does not approve, daughter has affair with servant to spite father, father catches them in an “objectionable but not compromising position” and murders both of them in a fit of passion. While all this drama unfolds, mother sleeps peacefully in her bedroom. In true Bollywood tradition, Noida police’s crack at the case begs you to leave your brains behind.
The CBI, admittedly has handled the case with far more restraint. They have succeeded to a great degree in keeping the media circus at bay, yet their deconstruction of the events leaves a lot of loose ends. Did Krishna and Raj Kumar murder Arushi merely to get back to Dr Talwar for his high-handedness? Is that a motive enough? Do these individuals have a history of violent behaviour? Not all people commit murder merely because they got a dressing down from their boss. There has been no mention of the sexual assault angle before. Did Aarushi’s post-mortem reveal any such assault?

The stand vis-a-vis Dr Talwar is even more intriguing. The CBI, to note, does not absolve Dr Talwar of the crime, it is merely letting him off for the lack of evidence. What does that mean? If they do not absolve him of the crime where does he fit into their reconstruction of the event? CBI is mysteriously silent on that one.

The position of the parents in this case is truly tragic. To have slept peacfully as their child was murdered in the next room is something that will haunt them for long. Yet, based on what has been made public, there are certain sub-texts that are slightly disconcerting. Going through the details of the case, a small seemingly innocuous fact suddenly pops out.

“The CBI had stated during Rajesh Talwar’s bail hearing that Arushi’s bedroom was locked every night….Dr Nupur had the keys”

The bed-room was locked every night? Provided that is true, doesn’t it seem a little strange? Modern homes are cosy apartments where safety within the house is rarely a concern. Yet in that cosy apartment a girl is murdered as her parents in the other room have no clue. Did the Talwars fear such an eventuality that made them lock their daughter up in her room every night? Did their actions have any other motivation other than (fatefully justified) paranoia for their child’s safety? If parents need to lock their children into the bedroom every night, it is a scary reflection on the level of security in our society.

With CBI coming out with the arrests, this case is on it’s way out of the public domain. Quite like the earlier Nithari murder cases, the media and the world will soon move on to more exciting things. The victims however, will only get justice when the truth comes out from under the lock and key.

I am not an intellectual, I am not a thinker. I feel, I experience, I express. A good mystery, a good laugh, a good sob story and bespectacled intellectuals are some of the things that boot my system. Life and the world fascinate me to no end. Wanderlust, my childhood friend leads, my senses, my mind and my words follow… in that order. The routes we follow? Largely off the beaten path. Music, travelling(more armchair than real), questions of existence and a humour in everyday life. All these excursions keep me and now my infant blog ticking. Epicurean pursuits, geopolitics, outdoor activities and chatting nineteen to dozen count in some of my less esoteric concerns. Blogging is my new toy which gives me way of sharing my journey with kindred souls that are hard to come by in my real world. A world cluttered with IT keywords like design, deliverables, migration, production etc.

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73 Responses to Arushi talwar Murder case finally solved

  1. arushi says:

    Bechaara bahadur naukar ko aasan bali ka bakra bana diya.

    hemraj tab kisliye socialworker ke paas jaake apna jindagi khatre me hain kaha? phir woh talwar ko nahi bataya, ulta unhi logo ko apna room mey bulaya?

    bechara naukar

  2. Satish says:

    hmmm i dont think arushi case has solved coz the criminal is still in their house

    as how can beware dont know tht somebody is entering their house??
    in one interview nupur talwar has told in a interview nite we didnt hear anything tht day nite???

    hope in india no indians have given tht much rights for the servantto invite their friend to their owner house for for drink?

    so its preplanned murder and Dr . talwar has moved the coins wher well butthe game is not yet over Mr. Talware u can throw mud in media’s eye but u will b rewarded and paid well by god
    for killing ur own daughter ???

    • nandita says:

      i totally diagree with your point that mr.talwar killed his own daughter

      • Avin says:

        nandita see now

      • aks says:

        doctor talwar killed arushi but nupur talwar was told abt this by doctor talwar after the murder took place. she supported the doctor may be she knew deep inside that doctor did this for honour.pls remember the swap of arushis vagina was changed in post mortem, again this was also done by talwar so that no one cud point on talwar as this might prove the motive of honour killing.
        no double murders can take place in a cosy flat without the occupants knowledge(remember out of four occupants 2 are murdered that is 50 percent) further i am sure nupur helped mr.talwar to remove forensic evidence.
        They were proud parents but did something wrong but they stood by eachother.No servant or a bahadur or gorkha can have the expertise to wipe out and clean all forensic evidence.

        Also this murder is not a proffessional underworld hit so it is ofcourse done by a team of learned people in this case it is the doctors……

  3. Anita says:

    After the murder if Krishna left by terrace door… Then who locked the terrace door from inside?

  4. Dr.Narasimha says:

    GOD only knows

  5. Madhukar says:

    some thing talwar saab is hiding. which great luxurious indian will allow servants to merry in their house with a grown girl sleeping alone in her room. big thud on the head and screaming is not heard in closed two bedroom flat in the midnight silence. this is just mockery of indian law and crime branch. the poor is targetted and rich is let loose.

  6. asha says:

    It is very sad that for our country and the situation of it’s Law and Order, as in arushi case. People will loose thier faith in CBI also.

  7. asha says:

    How can a father live his life with the guilt of killing her only daughter….

  8. manisha says:

    So far I remember, when Rajesh Talwar was arrested by Delhi Police, he told the media loudly ‘..Sharma ne mujhe phnasa dia’. Immediately thereafter, media also reported on rajeshes’ connections with powerful highups and that latenight parties with them were common at their house including the night prior to murder.
    I am surprised for quite sometime that neither media nor the law and order machinery did not find anything on this. I think Rajesh in custody and CBI continuing their publicity that he was the murderer do speak lot about a great cover-up game including victim’s parents, who along with Delhi police remained blank on another deadbody in the same building. The fates of these cases like release of pandher in Nithari killing, release of self designed doctor of Kidney racket are same in India ……..

  9. Tina says:

    What I do not understand is that if the parents locked the girl up in her room everynight, how did the perpetrators get into her room to murder her?

  10. Aashirwaad Halla says:

    I am still very confused with one thing that what is the role of her mother Mrs. Talwar in Arushi’s murder????? How can a mother kills or involve in the plan of killing her one and only daughter…. Can anyone please clear my doubt????

    • Manuj says:

      Because she is not her real mother .. they adopted her ..

      • Anand Nadgiri says:

        jack ass…..she is the mother of the child, hers was a prolonged pregnancy and that she got an IVF…you asshole

  11. Aashirwaad Halla says:

    I am still very confused with one thing that what is the role of her mother Mrs. Talwar in Arushi’s murder????? How can a mother kills or involve in the plan of killing her one and only daughter…. Can anyone please clear my doubt??

  12. Birju says:

    Arushi i pray for the peace of your soul

  13. yogesh says:

    shame on Indian Police officers.. cant resolve a single case like this.. I hate them who killed her..

  14. yogesh says:

    In foreign countries , police take DNA samples , the phone numbers , addresses, photos, of the people whoever involved with the crime scene.. starting from her father , mother, neighbors, friends, maids, servants.. etc.. in this case nothing happened so far.. bull shit police officers..

    • Very true. And when they realised they had lost all clues, they simply blamed the closest victim they could find. No proofs are needed, just spread stories and soon everybody is ready to believe that the parents killed their much wanted, born after 11 years of being married, very good in studies, good-natured, happy child.

      No real motive can be seen, no proofs are shown but everybody is ready to believe Dr Talwar is the murderer. Here’s Tehelka’s point of view – I find this more logical.

  15. Priya says:

    i still think that rajesh talwar had himself killed aarushi his only daughter, and he should be arrested again .
    bhagvan aarushi ki atama ko shanti de!!!!

  16. Manoj says:

    Here’s the sequence of events that took place that night:

    #1. Mr. Talwar not happy with Hemraj’s interference on his private life.

    #2. Mr. Talwar asked Hemraj to quit discussing his private life with the other 2 nepali servants who work where Mr Talwar works. Mr Talwar wasn’t just cheating on his wife, he was involved in the elite wife swap program. How do we know. Of course Hemraj is not alive to corroborate the story but he use to witness Mr. Talwar bring women to his house for sex when his daughter is at school and wife at work.

    #3. Hemraj discloses Mr. Talwar’s private life to Aarushi.

    #4. Mr Talwar decides to put an end to this. Grabs his Golf Club and hammers it on Hemraj. Mr Talwar had to do it inside his house instead of the terrace for simple reason that someone might witness it. Not to mention his loud cry will reverberate the night sky for at least a mile.

    #5. Aarushi witnesses the ghastly incident and decides to call the police. Obviously she has a close bonding with the servant.

    #6. Mr Talwar tries to stop her but she woudn’t. Hemraj is still fighting back. Its not easy to finish a 45 year old man that easy. Anyone who has seen animal staughter knows this. Hemraj fights back.

    #7. Mr Talwar (in his intense hysteria) hits at Aarushi to prevent her from calling the police thinking she will be become unconscious and he will deal with her later. His makes a wrong estimate on the blow intensity after hitting harder at Hemraj.

    #8. He finishes Hemraj with a knife. His plan was to dispose his body and claim that he stole all the money and jewellery and fled.

    #9. Mr. Talwar discovers Aarushi is dead. He laters uses a knife to make a fake cut.

    Everyone knows the rest.

    • chandni says:

      Mr.Manoj You are Right About Arushi murder case

      • RAKESH SINGLA says:

        Exactly this is what might have happened on that night.No parent will ever tolerate their private wrongdoings to be questioned by their childrens or servants

    • pragya hangma says:

      hey!!! u can really be a script writer and get involve in a C grade bollywood movie………

    • shilpi says:

      i truely belive u manoj.. tl dis 2 CBI.. only if dey hve ears 2 listen.. u cn really put an nd 2 dis mess & gt justice 2 aarushi

    • jinxy says:

      but if only the father was involved, why would the mother keep quite for so long??? and as far as i know no woman can tolerate her husband with another woman, and added to that her daughter killed along, will NEVER make her stay silent. until unless she is not a normal human

    • RAKESH SINGLA says:

      It was reported in media that Aarushi inquired the meaning of Swapping from her Teacher,also it was reported that a few days back Hemraj went to meet a female social worker who had come to attend a social function near TALWARS residence .Hemraj requested Her for a private meeting but could not get it. It seems that.Hemraj and Aarushi did not have any illicit relations.,rather they were not happy with Talwars unethical doings.This infuriarated Talwars ,there might have some heated altercation between Talwars and( Hemraj , Aarushi) on that night. Talwars were left with no other option than eliminate first Hemraj ,and then Aarushi( who was having a daughter -father like relation with Hemraj ) who could not bear and objected to Hemraj being murdered for no fault other than simply objecting and sharing with Her Talwars wrong doings.So Talwars were left with no option other than murder Aarushi also so that no body can ever know what happened that night. Remember that no parent ever tolerates being confronted and objected to by their children and servants to their at least such unethical activities This might be true if we believe that no fifth person entered or left the house that night as per court findings who have no prejudice against Talwars.

  17. sushmitha says:

    yea..manoj..ur right!!
    But how do u knw that dr.rajesh talwar used bring other women 2 house 4 sex n al..i don’t believe this..!
    may b he had an illicit afffair wit dr.durrani!!
    but as per mrs.talwar words to ndtv was,the durrani’s wer extended family..!
    Seriously..i dnt knw aarushi talwar nor her parents neithr durraniz’
    I think these all things abt illicit relationships wer cookd up by up police..!
    May b some othr x persn has killed both of them…!
    may b dat x persn had jealoously abt dr.talwars or aarushi!so planned 2 tak revenge on he waitd 4 ryt tym 2 kill her in manner that dr.talwars should b caught 4 killing their only daughtr n servant!!
    N yea m feeling dat may b hemraj had involved in aarushi murder..thn later 2 keep his mouth shut x persn had killed him tooo..!!
    N aarushi’s parentz r well educated n cannot kill thier only daugther that also so brutually…o god i cnt evn imagin if parents have done this!!
    If dey had probz wit hemraj..they could have removed him from job!!
    rather than killing hemraj or aarushi there r many ways 2 get rid of problm not killing is the way 2 keepn their mouth shut!!
    But plz can any1 say,..y wer dr.talwars locking aarushi’s room b4 goin 2 bed..!
    Aarushi n hemraj..m juz prayn 2 god may ur soulz rest in peace!!
    in this world there many gals lik aarushi hav been killed,lik in young age n many women hav been killed brutaully..!!
    Many out there who stil didn’t get justic..may b they r not frm wealthy family so v don’t know much about others….
    i juz pray 2 all of them,they should get JUSTICE..!

    • “May b some othr x persn has killed both of them…!
      may b dat x persn had jealoously abt dr.talwars or aarushi!so planned 2 tak revenge on he waitd 4 ryt tym 2 kill her in manner that dr.talwars should b caught 4 killing their only daughtr n servant!!
      N yea m feeling dat may b hemraj had involved in aarushi murder..thn later 2 keep his mouth shut x persn had killed him tooo..!!” –
      I agree. This is possible.

      About locking Aarushi’s door, this is common, the automatic lock was locked from outside, she could open it from inside. This was so nobody could just walk into her room. NOIDA has a lot of break ins and robberies and crimes.
      This little precaution can give people time to raise an alarm, though here it didn’t help…

  18. priyanka says:

    I m very upset.1 case v solve nhi hota c.b.i se! chhi.shame upon them.

  19. swapnil says:

    Yes i am sure that Dr. Talwar has killed his daughter and in the whole process he was assisted by his wife or may be tat mrs. Talwar is quite just to save her husband. personally speaking i found them both guilty and neither of them has the guts to make eye contact with people that itself shows that they are guilty of the daughter’s murder. Well God will do justice and punish the murderer’s . May Aarushi and Hemraj rest in peace.

  20. Raman says:

    guys.. No one knows truth.. Everything u guys r talking is everyone knows b’coz all media says the same… read all closure reports n other articals b4 saying any thing.. 4 me Mr & Mrs talwar is killer’s

  21. Meenakshi says:

    I just don’t b leave that Mr.Talwar killed his only daughter.Acc to me there is somebodyelse hand in this murder who is not identified till now either by Nodia police or CBI.

  22. Sowjanya says:

    i agree with madhukar.

  23. arjun says:

    it,s not a very difficult case, first rule of investigation is find the weapon

  24. arjun says:

    mein guarantee ke saath keh sakta hu ki muderer koi ghar ka hi hai, total 4 log the 2ka khoon ho gaya baaki bache 2 log, kya aisa kabhi ho sakta hai ki koi ghar me aakar 2 khoon kare, aur aaram se baith kar wisky piye. it is impossible, koi to mystery hai, magar yhe nahi pata kya hai, is ko solve karna bhaut zarrori hai, varna kya profit itna india ki police service ka

  25. arjun says:

    Koi to clue hoga hi, is muder mystery ko kisi bhi halat mein solve karna padega hi, kisi bhi halat mein,

  26. gourkiran says:

    how can parent’s get involve in killing their one and only child.
    There are certain mismatch in the answer’s said by Dr.talwar.

  27. Random visitor says:

    Here is what i think must have happened. krishna and rajkumar after drinking (courtesy: hemraj) sexually assaulted the girl, and killed her – while hemraj was a mute spectator. After this event the 2 fled. Hearing the noise, aarushi’s parents came out and saw hemraj and the dead body, hemraj told them the story, but dr. talwar could not believe hemraj so in a fit of rage he killed hemraj and put the body on the terrace, cleaned up aarushi, moved her to the bedroom and made up a cock and bull story about the keys missing etc….so the guilty folks are imho, krishna, rajkumar hemraj, rajesh —- not sure how cbi got rid of this angle. Maybe there is no proof etc.

  28. chandni says:

    mr.manoj is rgt………………………….plz forwed mr.Manoj Comment to CBI…………Its my humble request.. Mr.Rajesh Talwar killed his doughter…

  29. pragya hangma says:

    have all of u gone bonkers!!!!!! man…. if da father murders 2 ppl in da house where did da clueless god damn mother go……..ohh got it she might be sleeping in an AC room hoping her faithful husband will be right next to her, sleeping. but he’s actually doing a bloody job….were they her biological parents????? another question i wanna put foward…. are there any skeletons in there closet????

  30. MIHIR says:


  31. DEEPAK says:

    4 people inside a house, 2 being killed………
    still the case continues………………..
    can happen only in INDIAN
    beware,, THE END IS NEAR

  32. aks says:

    who killed arushi/hemraj
    1)rajesh talwar
    2)nupur3)krishna-his associates 4)dr duranni family.
    now this is a high profile murder with all forensic evidences removed or tampered i dont know what happened but as per logic ,can any illiterate person like the servants can do such clean murder common so our suspect narrows down to talwar so whatever the story whoever committed the murder Mr talwar has to be apart of it,,,,Mr rajesh talwar is culprit or part of it from all angles ,,,,nail him real good…..

  33. shelly says:

    aarushi everything will be fine and may good bless your soul

  34. jinxy says:

    I think aarushi wasnt the talwars’ own daughter… orelse why would they behave like this? its obvious they are hiding something… even if they are or not the murderers, atleast they would show some grief sometimes, but whenever we see them, they never look grieved as much, but more worried about how to save each other!!! they would have had been depressed for such a serious issue.

  35. falak says:

    nothing can be said in this case.

  36. Shruti says:

    According to me, Mr. Talwar has killed his daughter as police has found a note of Arushi mentioning his Father to be indulged in unethical relationship, according to that she was depressed. n due to her relationships with Hemraj she was killed by her Father. Mrs. Talwar is just trying to protect her Husband………….

    • 07 says:

      He could be her biological father and yet could have killed her…I dono why some men even have kids…if anything gets into the path of their fucking business,they wil even kill their own kids……
      my dad shouted at me wen i said that the servant speaks to me in an angry tone.he said i misjudged her bcos i hate her…….he doesn’t even care about his daughters.
      the only reason he takes care of us is bcos we r studying to be docs and he just wants to show off to the world…..

    • RAKESH SINGLA says:

      IT SEEMS TRUE.The police or the CBI never investigated that angle.may be because of high profile couples involved in wife swapping or they dont have time &expertice to do out of box theories

  37. 07 says:

    it’s the same men bcom more famous n rich,pride gets deep into their nasty dirty minds that makes them forget who they are…..just look around into the life of every rich n famous man and u wil know.

  38. 07 says:

    i’m not the one to judge the case here but why r u surprised about whether a father can kill his own daughter….He could be her biological father and yet could have killed her…I dono why some men even have kids…if anything gets into the path of their fucking business,they wil even kill their own kids……
    my dad shouted at me wen i said that the servant speaks to me in an angry tone.he said i misjudged her bcos i hate her…….he doesn’t even care about his daughters.
    the only reason he takes care of us is bcos we r studying to be docs and he just wants to show off to the world…..
    it’s the same men bcom more famous n rich,pride gets deep into their nasty dirty minds that makes them forget who they are…..just look around into the life of every rich n famous man and u wil know.

  39. kailash says:

    Honest enough.

  40. anonymous says:

    What the f***????can any parent after committing the murder would like to keep both the bodies at home…one in the house and one on terrace… and stay awke till the morning….to get caught in the act and can go through so much of hell of a torture and still keep their mouths shut after losing their only daughter in such a grief…..the judiciary system sucks……its a case of completely trapping and the main accused has master planned the whole scene….he just wants the talwars to completely ripped off with everything and leave them no where….he is surely happy somewer after bribing so many to make talwars family a target and has played a nasty game.

  41. Bhanupriya says:

    I hate that parents, koi apni he beti ka khoon kaise kar sakta hai,aise parents ko to mar jana chaiye……..

  42. Aryen says:

    I can say might our technology in India and the investigation Techniques its not to the great levels. Yes I can understand that there are many cases goes even for decays this happens around the world there is one important to know that before the law no innocent must be punished. This happens when case is opening and closing thousand times where law unable crake the case the final end the right person gets behind the bars after long time. I have see a true story in America which was relayed here in India on discover channel as the show name cold case files in that one series they showed a adult age 24 abused and killed a 10yrs old girl in her home while her parents were sleeping after very long time the case got to final end then that 24yr old man became 40yr old man who was the neighbor of that parents until then even the parents and the law dint know he was the suspect unbelievable turning point for FBI and forensic science dept cause at the age of 40 he raped a lady n killed her when that stamen stain then matched with the old case and got him to the bars I might brake the and say the true story how they cared the case

    Well my point her everyone who worked with Arushi case had only a guess and hunch with that the case the solved and media covered it and made people and Arushi friends fool I don’t think a dr well educated might kill their own daughter for a infatuation love in school or a girl studying 9 th has a well family bg will have an affair with a servant maid and that too who is much old than her and in my concern kids don’t think to love a big adult ok lets take a rare case if it is that would not have gone to a sexual affair I bet where parents kill both the maid and their daughter ok if in care of love affair parents might sent him out they would not have murdered this is India in our educational system every school thought love and respect parents cause like village or some where deep foot path this might happen when parent kill their kids or sell the kids for me I don’t accept and all hunk up stories closing the case money and

  43. Napoleon says:

    Hello everyone, it’s my first pay a quick visit at this website, and paragraph is truly fruitful designed for me, keep up posting such content.

  44. Meet says:

    In my opinion the sequence of events were :
    1. Nupur and Rajesh Talwar had gone to a party and they came home late arnd 1.30 pm.

    2. Murders had taken place earlier , Aarushi was killed earlier,by Krishna, Sharma,Shambhu & Co because they wanted to rape her or kill her to kill her to take revenge from Rajesh Talwar ,as he had rebuked Krishna earlier..Hemraj ,then objected and had a scuffle with the three and got murdered by them…as Arushi saw Hemraj being killed..then they murdered her too without raping her..and slit Hemraj and Aarushi both with Khukri

    3.They then had Whiskey.or maybe earlier before the murders..(3 glasses and a Ballantine Bottle found)..they threw Hemraj in the terrace and locked the terrace door..they also dressed up Aarushi with the bed cover (knowing if Talwars came in to check Aarushi if she was sleeping or not) and locked the bedroom door( it was also double sided self locking door)

    4.They left by the main Door which was again double sided self locking and left the keys inside itself.

    5. Rajesh and Nupur came back from party late night and opened the main door with the Duplicate key (arnd 1.30) and were too sloshed/drunk to go and check up Aarushi….they may have checked from outside if the door was locked or not…

    6.Rajesh used the Internet for sometime and then dozed off.

    7. Next morning the maid asked for the keys of the main door and the sequence of events unfolded..

    8. A fact CBI has evaded telling court is a)the Khukri had blood stains which they have not been able to establish whose blood it is..b)also Krishnas Pillow had Blood stains which Police had not given as evidence.

    9.Shambhu in Narco test has admitted that they had gone to rape Aarusshi
    10.Somehow I believe Talwars did not tell police that they were out till 1.30 late at night,leaving Aarushi alone with Hemraj.

    11. CBI is just trying to prove their triumph by putting Talwars as accused as they had earlier given aclean chit to both Krishna and co and also to Talwars.

    12. Its the Talwars who had insisted for further reopening the case after the CBI had filed for Closure report.

    13. Talwars did not recognize Hemrajs body because they was just getting inside their apartment after returning from performing the latst rites of Aarushi and were both tired and derranged and Hemrajs body was shown to them in the staircase while Talwars were coming up.

    This is a case being tried on Circumstantial evidence and the poor parents are being harassed by CBI just to prove a point that Talwars did it.

    Talwars who had not earlier admitted that they were out till late night ..can now not change their statement…this is the Crux of the matter.

    Rebecca john (Advocate) has probably let Talwars down in my opinion.

    Readers I dont know either the Talwars or Krishna & Co..but am a father of a daughter who is same as Aarushis age…and have done a lot of Criminal investigations in India and abroad.I am sure Talwars have not done it..

  45. viv patel says:

    i hope usss rat kuch aisa hua hoga ki mr. n mrs. talwar apni hi beti ko marne k liye uske room me second no. ki keysr jate hai n vaha dhire se bina koi aavaj kare aarushi ko mar dalte hai pr tb unka servant hemraj aarushi ki chikh sun kr aa jata hai tb mr. talwar use peso ka lalach dete hai bt vo ni manta aur sabko batane ki dhamki deta hai aur dar k mare bhagne lagta hai n terrise pe mr. talwar us3 mar dete hai n niche aa k daru pite hai n bad me dono doctor ho ne k karan unhe pta hota jai ki police kya dekhegi so vo sabse pahle sare fingerprints mita dete hai n bad me terrise wala door lock kr dete hai n so jate hai

    i know that ki aap puchege ki aarushi ko kese mara to bhai uske parents doctor the so unhone thande dimag se aarushi ko pakdkr doctoro wala knife mar diya n aarushi n hemraj ka phone n dono k weppens ko sumsan jagh pe fake diye just because ye police ko na mile bt aarushi ka phone mil gaya hai………..

  46. Ghalib says:

    How people’s get knowledge about Krishna and thier friends were gathering dat night.if anyone saw them then case could be resolve otherwise how can we say,that night thier are anyone else Mr talwar we have go through on the way of proof only not emotionally.well done CBI.good job

  47. shikha says:

    dont know who did arushii murder, but dont think so his parents involved in his murder case

  48. sharrama says:

    rajesh talwar ko rimand mei lekar policia dande lagaye jaye dont give any food talwar in jail then they will accept they kill the aarushi

  49. akansha says:

    Vaha 3 pairo ke nishan the toh ye kaise ho sakta hai ki keval nupur aur rajesh talwar ho iss murder me…..krishna aur uske do friends the….
    rajesh aur nupur talwar ne murder nahi kiya hoga…..

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