Rod pierces through man, lives to tell tale

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Name:Supratim Dutta

What happened ?

A 5 feet long 2 inches wide iron angle pierced through the upper half of Dutta’s body (as shown in the pic above) when he was involved in a road accident on July 12.

After a 6 hour surgery at the AIIMS (also known as Jai Prakash Narayan Apex Trauma Centre ) , Supratim survived to tell his tale.

it was Dutta’s last day at work.

Supratim was on his way to his work in Gurgaon in an office car when the driver lost control and hit the Metro barricades on MG Road

The Impact

It was such that an iron angle pierced through the bonnet, then the dashboard and impaled Dutta,” said colleague Saurabh Aggarwal, who was the first to reach the spot.

After the accident

With the help of locals, Saurabh managed to cut the angle and rushed his friend to the trauma centre.

“It took nearly half-an-hour to cut the angle,” said Saurabh.

Dutta’s mother Rubeena received his call at 6.30 am. As Sukumar was not at home, she rushed to the spot with her neighbour. “He told me ‘ma help me. I have met with an accident and have a rod passing through my chest.’ I couldn’t believe what I was hearing,” said Rubeena.

The Doctors

Dutta’s condition shocked even the most hardened doctors at the hospital.

“The doctors had to assess his condition before planning how to go about the surgery,” said Dr MC Misra, chief, AIIMS Trauma Centre. The surgery lasted for nearly six hours during which the iron angle was carefully removed.

The iron angle had impaled Dutta right through the centre of his upper body, just below the chest. “The angle had caused a lot of damage. Most of his organs had been affected. We had to operate on him for that also and carefully assess the damage. It was one of the rare medical emergencies where doctors had to be very careful as one wrong move would have meant that we would have lost the patient,” said a senior doctor.

Right Now: He is under constant observation

source: Times of India


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5 Responses to Rod pierces through man, lives to tell tale

  1. Manoj says:

    Its an irony that a young man was suffering his life and people around were shamelessly taking snaps and recording clips. This youth had to call his family HIMSELF. Shame on this civilization! People in this part of the world are living like animals. infact animals would fare better! I can not think of any other society better fit for inhilation than ours. Its a shame indeed.
    I am personally moved by the gesture of this youth. His guts are worth the salute of the billion up on their feets.
    The whole of media is talking about Supratim’s guts and the silly one liners like “Jeet gai zindagi, haar gai maut!”
    Guess what? If a person, in this country, who owns a car and kills a cock under his car by accident, the whole country goes on a rampage and will settle for nothing less than the head of the poor car owner. How come absolutely NO ONE is even bothered to ask the question “Where in the name of god is the driver of the car?” Why is his negligent driving not questioned? Why is on one asking for his head? Or is it that the so called “poor” are the first childern of this country and people who have struggled their lives out to reach the stature of owning a car are all goons and step childern of India?

  2. harshika rao says:

    he is such a brave man …m not able to give any comments but wishes for him for long live……i love his will power..thats totally incrediable

  3. Alka Kaushal says:

    well i know him since one year…. he is very lively person. Very soft from heart and go getter type. i was shocked when i saw his photos in newspaper but more happy to see him recovering from such a terrific accident…. Really, God help those who help themselves. he managed himself to call his parents and colleague…… “U R REALLY BRAVE RONIT”(nick name)…..

  4. Sakyasingha Mahapatra says:

    long live ronit….

  5. dipen says:

    Be an eye witness just after the accident and led the on spot rescue operation i want to meet with Mr. Supratim. Is it possible? this is my biggest achievement in my professional career.
    Dipen Chatterjee
    Mob no: 8285380850

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