Supratim Dutta : The recovery

On a stretcher, Supratim held on to the angle, asking people to give way
Owing to his condition, doctors could not perform any diagnostic tests
The 5-ft long and 4X4 inch wide angle missed his heart by a few millimetres
3D image showing the 10th rib that was damaged by the iron angle
Doctors decided to cut him from the side to cause minimum damage
It took doctors 3 hours and 15 minutes to remove the iron angle
Supratim’s father and sister

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2 Responses to Supratim Dutta : The recovery

  1. Kunal Vijan says:

    I am the owner of the Vijan87 Blog from where you have copied all the stuff related to supratim dutta’s topic including videos. This comes under the law of copying without permission. I would request you to please remove all the stuff to prevent yourself from any further actions.

  2. Subhabrata Banerjee says:

    Dear Supratim,
    Wishing you a very speedy recovery. I was willing to send a card but unfortunately I did not have your address. If any one can pass the same to me in my e-mail id.
    Though you unfortunately suffered lot but at this young age through your act and deeds you will remain an inspiration for us. Government should give you a bravery award.
    Best Wishes always,

    Subhabrata Banerjee.
    Indian Institute of Science,

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