Nuclear Deal result: Govt win by 19 votes

The trust vote has been won by the government showing the nation that power politics is still in the hands of congress.

Votes in favour of government : 275

Votes against the government : 259


The Manmohan Singh led govt has shown that winning is more important than the method used to reach there. You beg, buy or steal, the ultimate result is that the nuclear deal is going to happen, which I feel will do a lot good to the nation. This trust vote has also shown us that India is up for sale as its MPs can be traded. You just need to quote the right price and thats what congress did effectively.

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One Response to Nuclear Deal result: Govt win by 19 votes

  1. no name says:

    today wt happened in Parliament was the insult of democracy.
    it was a slap on the name that india is a democratic country.
    the money in the Parliament shows that the ministers of india are easily soldable.
    any one of us can sell or buy any minister of india if we r having money.
    government must show the deal to us the people of india.
    if we do not know that what is the deal how can we say it it is right or wrong.

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