Ahmedabad Blasts:29 killed

Ahmedabad (PTI): Terror struck Ahmedabad when 16 coordinated serial blasts ripped through the city on Saturday night killing 29 people and injuring nearly 90 sending a wave of panic, a day after multiple explosions rocked Bangalore in another BJP-ruled state.

Fourteen crowded areas in the Gujarat capital including market places were hit in the synchronised “low-intensity” explosions in a space of 60 to 70 minutes after the first blast hit Maninagar at 6.45 pm. The bombs placed in tiffin boxes were strapped on to bicycles. Some of the blast sites were in sensitive areas in the old city but the situation was peaceful as the night wore on.

There were three blasts in Maninagar–the constituency of Chief Minister Narendra Modi–and two in Sarkhej targetting a state transport CNG bus and near the old Sangam theatre.

“As per the latest information 29 persons were killed and 88 injured,” Modi told reporters late tonight.

Significantly, two blasts occured in the premises of Civil and LG hospitals where several victims of the explosions in other areas were being rushed exacerbating the already tense situation. A nationwide alert has been sounded.

A shocked Modi said the Ahmedabad blasts was a “war against India” and a handiwork of terror groups. Declaring there should be one voice against terrorism, Modi also said there is a “mastermind group and a mastermind country” behind the blasts. The people behind the attack will be “hounded out,” said Modi, who also spoke to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Modi said the modus operandi of terrorists was same.

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